GPC 6 Liter Musician's Air Bag

GPC 6 Liter Musician's Air

- 6-liter capacity medical supply grade rubber air bag - Allows wind musician to practice inhalation and exhalation - Can visually display lung capacity - Due to new manufacturer packaging not all units ship with a plastic mouthpiece (see images)

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: GPC
  • UPC: 632963741661

Non-Rebreather Mask w/ Vent, Adult

Non-Rebreather Mask w/ Vent,

The Curaplex partial non-rebreathing mask features an elongated shape to fit a wide range of face sizes. An adjustable nose clip and nylon strap ensure a snug fit during use. Made of clear, soft vinyl. Includes 750mL reservoir and 7' feet of oxygen supply tubing. Latex-free. Choose adult or child (pediatric) size. Dimensions: 7" H x 5.5" W x 2.5" D (packaged) Weight: 3.1 oz

  • Brand: Medline
  • UPC: 739656501622

Medline DYNJAA02H Latex-Free Breathing Bags

Medline DYNJAA02H Latex-Free Breathing

All breathing bags are inspected to ISO 5362 (international standard for anesthetic reservoir bags). Uniform inflation provides a consistent feel no matter where the clinician uses the bag. Our breathing bags are thoroughly inspected to ensure the highest levels of quality. Accommodates patient needs and physician preferences.

  • Brand: Medline
  • ASIN: B00A2BB0FQ

GPC Medical 5 Liter Musician's Air Bag

GPC Medical 5 Liter Musician's Air

The GPC Air Bag allows the wind musician to practice inhalation and exhalation. To use the Air Bag, practice emptying and filling the lungs by slowly rebreathing air several times in a row. An air bag can also be used as a rough gauge of a person's vital capacity on their instrument. After a full inhalation, exhale into the bag filling it as much as possible. Hold the air in the bag with a finger over the tube. After positioning the instrument for playing inhale from the bag and start playing the instrument. The bag then displays a visual quantity of air. This model is a 5-liter capacity rubber air bag. NOTE: Due to the manufacturing process, the bag will have a greasy/slippery residue upon shipment which will need to be washed off before use.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: GPC Medical
  • ASIN: B00DMGBX32
  • UPC: 632963741654

180° Snorkel Mask View for Adults and Youth. Full Face Free Breathing Design.[Free Bonuses] Cell Phone Universal Waterproof Case (Dry Bag) and Anti-Fog Wipes (Black, Large/Extra Large)

180° Snorkel Mask View for Adults and Youth.

★★★Snorkel Mask 180° view for Adults and Youth. Full Face Free Breathing Design. Best Snorkeling Experience with Anti-fog and Anti-leak Technology. See More With Larger Viewing Area than Traditional Masks. Prevent Gag Reflex with Tubeless Design. [Free Bonuses] Cell Phone Universal Waterproof Case (Dry Bag) and Anti-Fog wipes★★★   Introducing the 180° full face snorkeling mask by 180°. Is snorkeling uncomfortable for you?   Do you hate breathing through a tube in your mouth?   Have you ever suffered gag reflex or sore a sore mouth from biting on a traditional snorkel?   Want to see more?If you answered yes to any of these questions, the 180° snorkel mask will change your experience! The silicone mask insert provides a comfortable fit with no pressure points found on other masks. Thanks to the mask's innovative design, you no longer have to deal with a tube snorkel in your mouth. Breathing chambers inside the mask and an innovative dry snorkel allow you to breathe naturally and calmly through either your nose or mouth. Breathing slowly through your nose helps reduce chances of fogging. The dry snorkel will prevent water from entering the mask through the snorkel tube. If water does leak through the seal around your face, just lift your head out of the water...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Unknown
  • ASIN: B01HM1D26I

BundleBee Baby Wrap Swaddle Blanket, Pink, 0-4 Months

BundleBee Baby Wrap Swaddle Blanket, Pink, 0-4

Bundlebee baby wrap is one of a kind product that is a cross between a down-like swaddling blanket and a carrier. It is perfect to use in a crib, a bassinet or a bassinet stroller. Bundlebee wrap has an insert made out of coconut fibers that provides comfortable back and neck support. The coconut insert allows you to hold or carry the baby while she is asleep without waking her up. It also protects your baby' back and neck when friends and family hold her. Since new babies start to move and wiggle after 2 or 3 weeks after birth, traditional swaddles stop being effective quickly. Bundlebee wrap is designed to provide room for natural baby movements while they rest or sleep. At the same time, bundlebee wrap is made out of down-like material that still hugs the babies like a normal swaddle. Bundlebee wrap is filled with high-quality, hypoallergenic polyester that will not cause overheating or sweating. It will not change shape after washing. The 100% cotton feels great to your baby's delicate skin. Bundlebee baby wrap is easy to wrap up or adjust the size. Just fold the bottom up and then fold each side over. Align the Velcro strips and it is done in 10 seconds tops. Velcro strips let you adjust the size of the bundle. Best for babies from birth to 4 months old.

  • Color: Pink
  • Brand: BundleBee
  • ASIN: B00U5K7YPE
  • UPC: 642125998253

A Simple Guide To Respiratory Alkalosis, Diagnosis, Treatment And Related Conditions

A Simple Guide To

This book describes Respiratory Alkalosis, Diagnosis and Treatment and Related DiseasesRespiratory alkalosis is a disorder caused by a low level of carbon dioxide in the blood because of breathing excessively (main cause).Respiratory alkalosis happens when the patient breathes too fast or too deep and carbon dioxide levels fall too low. This induces the pH of the blood to rise and become too alkaline. Breathing too fast can induce a person to go into respiratory alkalosis. This happens when a person's pH level is higher than 7.45.CausesA person may breathe too fast because of anxiety, overdosing on certain medicines, or using a ventilator.Frequent causes are:1. Anxiety or panic2. Fever3. Over-breathing (hyperventilation)4. Pregnancy (this is normal)5. Pain6. Tumor7. Trauma8. Severe anemia9. Liver disease10. Overdose of certain medicines, such as salicylates, progesteroneAny lung disease that results in breathlessness can also produce respiratory alkalosis (such as pulmonary embolism and asthma).Panic attacks and anxiety are the most frequent causes of hyperventilation. They are not the only possible causes. 1. Heart attack2. Pain3. Drug use4. Asthma5. Fever6. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease7. Infection8. Pulmonary embolism9. PregnancyAt its simplest definition, respiratory ...

  • ASIN: B07S2HZWX3

Adult Non-Rebreather Oxygen Mask with 7 foot Safety Tube & Reservoir Bag, case of 50

Adult Non-Rebreather Oxygen Mask with 7 foot Safety

Non-Rebreather Oxygen Mask with Tubing & Reservoir Bag Adult Size 50/case

  • Brand: Sunset Healthcare Solutions
  • ASIN: B006O8LWGS

Breathing Bag-lt blue, 3 Ltr, Neoprene 5026-N

Breathing Bag-lt blue, 3 Ltr, Neoprene

Breathing Bag-lite blue, 3 Ltr, Neoprene

  • Brand: Belmed

North 54001 Full Respirator Facepiece, Medium/Large

North 54001 Full Respirator Facepiece,

The 5400 Series provides the comfort and protection you would expect from North, at an unbeatable price. No other full face piece in its price range offers such quality, engineering and attention to detail. Weighing only 14 ounces, the 5400's lightweight design offers a level of comfort that ensures greater worker acceptance. Plus, its face piece seal is made from a soft, pliable elastomer material with high chemical resistance to assure excellent comfort, fit and performance.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: North Safety
  • ASIN: B00206I7YS
  • UPC: 757457650769

A Simple Guide To Hyperventilation, Diagnosis, Treatment And Related Conditions (A Simple Guide to Medical Conditions)

A Simple Guide To

Chapter 1Hyperventilation"Hyperventilation occurs more in women because they will keep breathing, again, again and again!"Hyperventilation syndrome (HVS) refers to a relatively frequent emergency department condition that can happen with anxiety or panic.Hyperventilation consists of rapid or deep breathing linked with anxiety or panic.Over breathing is another name, and it may leave you feeling breathless.A normal person breathes in oxygen and breathes out carbon dioxide.Excessive breathing produces low levels of carbon dioxide in the blood.This creates many of the symptoms of hyperventilation.Having a panic attack and anxiety is the typical reasons why you may hyperventilate.But rapid breathing can also be an indication of a disease:1. Bleeding2. Heart or lung disorder3. InfectionThe doctor will have to diagnose the cause of the hyperventilation.Rapid breathing can be a medical emergency which required urgent treatment, unless the doctor has told you that you can treat it yourself.Panic attacks and hyperventilation can become a vicious cycle.Panic attack produce rapid breathing and breathing rapidly can cause you to feel panicked.If you tend to over breathe, you may have the hyperventilation syndrome that is sparked off by emotions of stress, anxiety, depression, or anger.Hyperv...

  • ASIN: B010K8P9XY

Hudson RCI 1059 Non-Rebreathing Masks with Safety Vent, Adult (Pack of 50)

Hudson RCI 1059 Non-Rebreathing Masks with Safety Vent,

Low-resistance check valve does not contain natural rubber latex, prevents rebreathing and allows exhaled gas to escape.

  • Brand: Hudson RCI
  • ASIN: B017Z70NBQ

ALIMED 98PEC12-9 Rebreathing Bags 5.0 Liter

ALIMED 98PEC12-9 Rebreathing Bags 5.0

Bag rebreathing 5.0 liter. ALIMED is a leading provider of medical, healthcare and ergonomic products serving all segments of the healthcare market including hospitals and clinics, nursing homes and long-term care facilities, private medical practices, Therapists, and more.

  • Brand: AliMed
  • ASIN: B073718D7N

Snorkel Mask 180 Panoramic View Free Breathing Full Face Snorkeling Masks with Detachable GoPro Mount, Dry Top Set Anti-Fog Anti-Leak Diving Mask for Adults & Kids

Snorkel Mask 180 Panoramic View Free Breathing Full

We are professional the manufacturer of water sports products and snorkeling gear, including full face snorkel mask, sun-protective clothing, life jacket, fins and other swimming and snorkeling items. Qingsong, the famous brand of our company, is popular in US, Japan, Thailand, Canada and other European countries, and is well appreciated by our customers. Our main features of snorkel mask: - Full face design, you can enjoy snorkeling and explore underwater world. - Free breath mask makes you comfortable like you were on land - Separate inhaling and exhaling channels prevent fogging. - There is anti-UV and anti-leaking coating on the surface of mask - Size if optional for adult and kids, for men, women, boys and girls. - Qingsong snorkel masks are sold by experienced factory directly, you can get good product with the lowest cost. - Lifetime warranty, 100% no risk to try and purchase our swimming mask. Promise: Lifetime warranty, 100% no risk to try and purchase our Full Face Snorkeling Mask. If you are not satisfied with our products,we will provide you with a 100% refund. Package includes: - 1 x Full Face Snorkeling Mask - 1 x Packing Bag For The Mask - 1 x Camera Mount - 1 x Screw Sets - 1 x User Manual - 2 x Earplug

  • Color: UV-Black
  • Brand: QingSong
  • ASIN: B073QTNLY4
  • UPC: 756244357065

Tri-Anum 301-182 Medical Products -Curaplex Division - Oxygen mask, Adult, Elongated, high Concentration, Total Non-rebreathing, Reservoir Bag (Pack of 50)

Tri-Anum 301-182 Medical Products -Curaplex Division - Oxygen

Tri-Anum Medical Products -Curaplex Division - Oxygen mask, adult, elongated, high concentration, total non-rebreathing, reservoir bag.

  • Brand: Tri-Anum
  • ASIN: B0767L7JF7

5 Pcs / 1set Baby Kids Nursery Bedroom Bedding Range Cot Quilt Bumper Cushion Pillow Set

5 Pcs / 1set Baby Kids Nursery Bedroom

Suit for baby bed is 65cm*110cm Lining: 100% cotton twill combed cotton printing and dyeing, environmental protection. Filling: high quality fiber Suit for sring.autoum and winter. Machine washable at 40°C. Can Be tumble dried. It is the best gift for your lovely baby. Package include:5 pcs/1set Bedding Range not included the baby bed. note EUB,USPS with tracking No., 8-15 Business days for delivery if the price more than $6.99. 3 months guarantee resend or refund if the item has any problem. pls kindly add the item in wish list if you like, we will irregular promotions.

  • Color: multicolored
  • Brand: COFFLED
  • ASIN: B01799BXBE

HOUDELL 3 Packs Adult Elongated Standard Oxygen Mask with 6.5' Tubing and Adjustable Elastic Strap

HOUDELL 3 Packs Adult Elongated Standard Oxygen Mask

HOUDELL oxygen mask is made up of mask and tube. Suitable for adults,children and infants,choose a suitable size. Generally used for Clinical oxygen treatment,especially for patients with dyspnea and hypoxia . Every unit is individual packed with PE bag. It is for single use.If the package is damaged,please do not use it. Be sure to store them in places with dry, ventilated and no corrosive gas condition.

  • Brand: HOUDELL
  • UPC: 767775462968

SA8130 - Adult Oxygen Mask w/Soft Anatomical Form,Each

SA8130 - Adult Oxygen Mask w/Soft Anatomical

Adult Oxygen Mask w/Soft Anatomical Form,Each

  • Brand: Salter Labs
  • ASIN: B00PL4VM2K
  • UPC: 653020283191

Deep Blue Gear Vista Vue Full Face Snorkeling Mask, Red/Clear Silicone, Large/X-Large

Deep Blue Gear Vista Vue Full Face Snorkeling

Explore the ocean’s coral reefs with the Vista Vue Full Face Snorkel Mask from Deep Blue Gear, featuring a next-generation, all-in-one mask and snorkel design that enables you to breathe naturally through your nose and mouth. Offering a refined design of the air flow and purge valve system developed in response to feedback from Deep Blue Gear’s extensive customer base of Caribbean snorkeling tour operators, the Vista Vue Full Face Snorkel Mask ensures optimal comfort, easy breathing, and fog-free undersea viewing -- making it the ideal mask for surface snorkeling. Eliminating the need for a snorkel mouthpiece, this Full Face Snorkel Mask has an integrated dry snorkel tube at the top of the mask that stops water from getting into the mask. The dry technology large diameter, single chamber snorkel tube with innovative multi-purge valve frame technology allows air to be easily inhaled and exhaled comfortably and naturally. Fresh, dry air is continuously directed across the inner surface of the mask, preventing condensation from forming and eliminating fog. A crystal silicone skirt provides superior comfort with a clear, panoramic view. Easily adjustable elastic straps allow the mask to be comfortably secured to your face. It's available in two sizes -- Small/Medium and Large/Ext...

  • Color: Red/Clear Silicone
  • Brand: Deep Blue Gear
  • UPC: 659061214613

Pediatric Non-Rebreather Oxygen Mask with safety Vent AKA NRB, Individual mask Medsource International

Pediatric Non-Rebreather Oxygen Mask with safety Vent AKA

Elongated oxygen mask molded of soft, transparent material. Tubing adaptor swivels for use on either side of patient. Soft vinyl reservoir bag. Complete with 7ft of oxygen supply tubing.

  • Brand: Medsource International
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