FlexiKold Gel Ice Pack (Standard Large: 10.5" x 14.5") - Two (2) Reusable Cold Therapy Packs (for Pain and Injuries to Knee, Shoulder, Foot, Back, Ankle, Neck, Hip, Wrist) - 6300-COLD

FlexiKold Gel Ice Pack (Standard Large: 10.5" x

Two (2) Pack. FlexiKold Gel Cold Packs are not only more flexible than competitors, but they stay colder for a longer period of time too. Why? It's the Gel. Unlike the bentonite ingredient used in competing cold packs, FlexiKold is powered by a proprietary gel interior that remains pliable when frozen. And because the gel stays colder for a longer period of time, less gel is needed. And that allows us to construct a thinner, more user-friendly product. The result is, a colder, thinner, and more flexible cold pack that provides superior contact with the treated area and easily conforms to any part of your body. Constructed of extra-thick flexible nylon material, FlexiKold offers a professionally double sealed gel pack, that prevents leaking, with a smooth high-quality feel.

  • Color: No Straps
  • Brand: NatraCure
  • ASIN: B076PG75QJ
  • UPC: 811100018419

Large Hot and Cold Therapy Gel Pack with Wrap by Cureve (12" x 15") - Reusable Ice Pack with Wrap to Treat Injuries, Aches and Pains on Hip, Knee, Side, Back and Shoulder

Large Hot and Cold Therapy Gel Pack with

Relieve pain and treat injuries naturallyRelieve aches and pains and treat injuries with the Cureve hot and cold therapy gel pack wrap, designed to fit just about any part of any body. Just heat or freeze the large gel pack (12" by 15"), slip it into the included body wrap and attach the velcro to begin relieving aches and pains and / or treating injuries.Works almost anywhere on the bodyThe long elastic straps of the wrap allow it to comfortably hold the large gel pack (12" x 15") in place and provide heat or icy cold to your back, hip, knee, shoulder, hip, elbow, shin and more. Velcro straps are 31" long but can stretch to over 60" in length.Freedom of mobility while using The elastic straps and extremely strong velcro of the wrap prevent the gel pack from moving or falling off when in use, giving you freedom of mobility while relieving pain or treating an injury.Professional grade Cureve gel packs are made from the softest, most durable materials and are built to last while delivering the longest lasting hot and cold treatments. Perfect for aches, pains, injuries and post-surgery.Stays icy cold or hot for longerOur proprietary gel and pack design locks in hot and cold temperatures far longer than normal gel packs.Flexible even when frozenEven straight out of the freezer, Curev...

  • Brand: Cureve Natural Therapies
  • ASIN: B07B8C7ZGQ
  • UPC: 851052008069

Ice Packs for Injuries Reusable Large Hot Cold Gel Pad Wrap w/Strap for Back Knee Shoulder Rotator Cuff Hip Replacement Elbow Arthritis Surgery Pain Relief Flexible Recovery Bag 14 x 11 by TheraCool

Ice Packs for Injuries Reusable Large Hot Cold

Are You Sick And Tired Of Hurting Throughout The Day Because Of Bodily Pain? Then this premium hot and cold pain relief pack by TheraCool is exactly what you need! TheraCool products are recommended by Physiotherapists, Physicians, and Professional Athletic Trainers Why TheraCool products are superior to other brands: ✔Oversized (14 x 11") design is extremely comfortable and makes it perfect for any body part ✔FDA & CE approved non-toxic gel stays cold longer than other brands ✔Ice pack remains pliable at 0°F (-17℃)✔ Triple reinforced medical grade material prevent leaks (even when sat on)✔Ready to use within seconds, just microwave, boil, or freeze when needed Hot and Cold therapy packs are PERFECT for: Sports InjuriesFibromyalgia Shoulder neck or back painOsteoarthritisSciatic Nerve PainDegenerative Disc DiseaseTailbone PainOr post surgery recoveryOther uses include: general muscle aches and pains comfort, chronic fatigue syndrome, neuralgia, sleep, shoulder and neck pain, Lumbar strain, Coccydynia, abdominal cramps, spasms, throbbing, stiffness, Osteomyelitis, herniated / slipped disk, Spinal Stenosis, pinched nerve, bruises, strains, knotted muscles, and tightness. Useful for physical exercise and general relaxation. OUR GUARANTEE TO YOUWe have a 100% LIFETIME g...

  • Brand: TheraCool
  • ASIN: B07CKPQ23C
  • UPC: 658301656497

Ice Pack (2-Piece Set) - Reusable Hot and Cold Therapy Gel Wrap Support Injury Recovery, Alleviate Joint and Muscle Pain - Rotator Cuff, Knees, Back & More

Ice Pack (2-Piece Set) - Reusable Hot and

Get the joint, muscle and soft tissue pain relief you need to tackle each new day. We all suffer from discomfort or injuries at times in our lives, be it tooth aches, sore muscles, joint pain or injuries. And while we can't prevent them all, we can help you recover so you have more flexibility and less pain throughout your day. Introducing the Trek Proof Ice Pack set that comes with two hot / cold gel wraps perfect for warming muscles or relieving swollen ankles, a stiff back, or tired knees and joints. Soft, Durable Support Crafted with skin-safe fabric, our ice packs come with an adjustable strap so you can use them all over your body. What's more, they're freezer and microwave safe so you can get them the right temperature before you place them on your skin. As a reminder, you should always check how it feels against your skin and limit treatment times based on comfort and therapy requirements. Product Details: Two (2) Hot and Cold Gel Packs One (1) Adjutable Comfort Strap Soft, Flexible and Reusable Microwave and Freezer Safe Velcro Closure Home, Office and Travel Friendly Satisfaction Guaranteed Click 'Add to Cart' above to get versatile Trek Proof ice packs and start relieving pain, swelling and sores so you can feel better.

  • Brand: TrekProof
  • UPC: 647567751084

Koo-Care Flexible Gel Ice Pack for Hot Cold Therapy - Set of 2 - Great for Migraine Relief, Sprains, Muscle Pain, Bruises, Injuries (Medium, 11" × 5.9")

Koo-Care Flexible Gel Ice Pack for Hot Cold

Koo-Care Ice Pack, A must-have for pain relief and injury treatment. Don't settle for a small or lighter gel pack. Grab Koo-Care large all-in-one ice pack set for heat & cold therapy! What's the characteristic of these gel packs? ✓ Large size cover more area ✓ Reusable and microwaveable ✓ Flexible and soft at 0°F (-17℃) ✓ One size fits most (shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist, back, knee, ankle etc.) ✓ CE and FDA certificated. Heat compress is perfect for: 1. Muscle pain and spasms 2. Mild arthritis 3. Sprains, strains and stiffness 4. Menstrual cramps etc. Cold compress is perfect for: 1. Sports injuries 2. Toothaches 3. Back ache or joint pain 4. Fever or headaches 5. Minor burns etc. CONTENTS 2 × gel pack (11" x 5.9", 1.1 lbs) OUR GUARANTEE ✓With Koo-Care, you're taking on absolutely no risk. 1-Year Warranty (Free No-Hassle Replacement!) ✓Best customer service. Please get in touch with us for any questions. What makes Koo-Care Ice pack distinctive from the other brands? ● Quality material - Nylon material, no smell and feel of plastic. ● Size & weight -This medium size gel pack is larger than competing items and filled with enough amount(1.1 lbs) of gel. Some other brands just fill 0.5 lb gel in the pack which will not keep cold long. ...

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Koo-Care
  • ASIN: B01ILHV322
  • UPC: 769700956467

Reusable Hot and Cold Therapy Wrap Pack - Large Size (22'' x 13'') - Reusable Gel Pad for Pain Relief and Injuries of Back, Hip, Shoulder, Waist, Neck, Arm, Leg - By Tempthera

Reusable Hot and Cold Therapy Wrap Pack -

TempThera™ reusable hot & cold packs are versatile for immediate hot or cold therapy, or a combination of the two. Our unique design hugs your body to safely and easily address injuries at home. Cold pack therapy is commonly used to help provide relief for muscle and joint pain by reducing blood flow to areas with inflammation or swelling. Hot and cold packs for injuries can be used to help reduce pain and to help promote recovery after rigorous physical activity. While cold pack therapy can help reduce blood flow to inflamed areas, hot pack therapy is commonly used to help provide relief for muscle and joint pain by promoting blood flow to areas with sore muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Hot and cold packs for therapy microwave can be used to relax tight or stiff muscles and to help promote increased range of motion. Refer to detailed instructions on box for usage. Due to shifting while product is shipping the gel may not be evenly distributed in the cells. If this occurs then gently squeeze the fuller cells with your hands, to knead the gel into the compartments that are less full. This will result in a more uniform gel distribution. Hot and cold gel packs for therapy come in three different sizes: Medium - this size is for general usage on more focused areas for hot a...

  • Brand: TEMPTHERA
  • ASIN: B01M1ND7IL
  • UPC: 852272007290

ColePak Comfort Ice Packs for Injuries 2 Gel Packs w/Ice Wrap - Reusable Hot & Cold Gel Packs - Perfect to Wrap Around Knee, Back, Shoulder (10"x 5.25")

ColePak Comfort Ice Packs for Injuries 2 Gel

** LIMITED TIME OFFER** Buy 2 & Save $3 [Use Promo Code: SHOPNOW3); Buy 3 & Save $5 (Promo Code: SHOPNW05)...more discounts under "Special Offer" above. ColePak Comfort Hot Cold Gel Pack - Includes 2 Gel Packs & Polyester Pouch/Cover Easy and Ready to Use for: Hot Pack * Warming Sore or Aching Muscles * Ease of Menstrual Cramps Cold Pack * Sports injuries * Swelling * Toothaches, Headaches, or Fevers Directions: Hot Pack Usage: 1. Flatten gel pack before placing inside of microwave for 20-30 seconds. 2. Press the pack evenly to distribute the heated gel inside of the pack. 3. Test on underside of wrist to check if pack is too hot. 4. Apply to affected area. Limit treatment to 20 minutes at a time. Please Note: Given that microwave power may differ, please adjust time (seconds) as deemed necessary to avoid overheating or bursting of bag. Hot Water Method: 1. Heat a large pot of water until it boils and then remove from heat. 2. Carefully place the gel pack into heated water for 7-10 minutes, or until desired temperature is reached. 3. After drying, place pack inside cloth cover before applying to affected area. Directions: Cold Pack Usage: ** Cold therapy is recommended for the first 48 hours following injury. 1. Place the pack into freezer for 2 or more hours. 2. Inse...

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: ColePak Comfort
  • ASIN: B018TGY9PI
  • UPC: 728110311037

Medlogix Med-Gel reusable HOT-Kold Gel Pak 4 x 6 Inch (One Dozen)

Medlogix Med-Gel reusable HOT-Kold Gel Pak 4 x

American manufactured Instant Cold and Hot Packs. Packs are non-toxic, non-hazardous and FDA registered. Our "EASY PRESS" inner bag requires only finger pressure to activate.

  • Brand: Cramer
  • ASIN: B000J5X6G6
  • UPC: 311960407373

TendHer Reusable Perineal Cooling Pad for Postpartum & Hemorrhoid Pain Relief, Hot & Cold Packs for Women After Pregnancy and Delivery, Pack of 2 Gel Pads Plus 5 Washable Sleeves

TendHer Reusable Perineal Cooling Pad for Postpartum &

No matter your birth story, labor and delivery leave you a little sore in places you'd rather not talk about. Cue the Pariday TendHer Perineal Packs and Sleeves! These wonders help give tired nether regions an "Ah!" moment during and/or after child birth. The TendHer Perineal Pack consists of 2 super-soft and smooth all-natural gel packs with 5 sleeves which can be reused or tossed for convenience. The gel packs are made in an FDA-registered facility in the US and are each tested carefully, so feel free to sit on them however you like. More importantly, the gel packs are made of all natural ingredients with no artificial additives, so it won't harm your tender areas. The sleeves are made of high-tech, quick-dry, wickaway fabric meant to pull fluids from your body onto your maternity pad. They can be tossed if desired, or reused by simply washing in cold water and hanging to dry. The gel packs can be warmed in a bowl of hot water and used warm during child birth to help relax perineal muscles, or used cold in 20 minute sessions after birth to help with recovery. Regardless the usage method, we recommend using with a sleeve to protect your skin from a warm or cold pack. No microwave and no boiling water on the gel packs please! They are "tendher" and so are you, after all!

  • Brand: Pariday
  • ASIN: B00LAM95EY
  • UPC: 850671004032

The Coldest Ice Pack Gel Reusable - Hot + Cold Therapy - Flexible Compress Best for Back Pain Hip Shoulder Neck Ankle Sprain Recovery, Muscle Injury Medical Grade

The Coldest Ice Pack Gel Reusable - Hot

The Coldest Water Ice Pack, (Gel Pack) was initially built for Professional Athletes in high performing sports. We recommend it to all athletes and high performers for pain relief and injury treatment. Don't settle for a less quality gel pack. Comes with a Velcro strap wide and long enough to comfortably and securely wrap around your waist, or any body part. Molds to body while staying cold for faster recovery: Built to stay cold while molding to your body. Apply pack for up to 20 minutes max at a time. Great for: Ankle Sprains, Back Pain Muscle pains, stomach aches, stiff neck Calves, Quads, Sports injuries WaterVault Water Bottle 24 oz Only* Bottles COLD USE INSTRUCTIONS: Cold therapy is recommended for the first 48 hours following the injury.    Store the gel pack in the freezer for at least 2 hours  HOT USE INSTRUCTIONS: Hot therapy should not be used until 48 hours after the injury.  Hot Water Heating Immerse pack in the hot water for approximately 10 minutes Microwave Heating Heat at full power for 30 seconds  100% Happiness Guaranteed! We offer 100% COLD-SOLID Happiness Guarantee. If you have any issues, get in touch with us and we'll always make it right. Click the BUY NOW Button on the top of the page and get relief to your pains.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: The Coldest Water
  • UPC: 857067007639
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