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Inspired by his own love for the rosary and the saints, Fr. Calloway has gathered and arranged into one book the largest collection of quotes on the rosary to ever appear in print. The quotes in Rosary Gems: Daily Wisdom on the Holy Rosary have been selected from the writings of popes, saints, blesseds, and the many venerables of the Church. This is the perfect book to help you rediscover the power and wisdom of the holy rosary!

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Champions of the Rosary: The History and Heroes of a Spiritual Weapon

Champions of the Rosary: The History and Heroes

Champions of the Rosary, by bestselling author Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC, tells the powerful story of the history of the Rosary and the champions of this devotion. The Rosary is a spiritual sword with the power to conquer sin, defeat evil, and bring about peace. Read this book to deepen your understanding and love for praying the Rosary. Endorsed by 30 bishops from around the world!

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Chalk It Up to Mystery: Reflections on the Rosary for the Catholic School Educator

Chalk It Up to Mystery: Reflections on the

Fresh, new and invigorating-a retreat in a book. What if the rosary could speak to us in our own situation in life, in the work that God has called us to? This question got Larry Duffany thinking. Using his nearly twenty years of experience in teaching at nearly every level of Catholic school education and his time in administration, Larry Duffany explores the mysteries of the rosary from the particular perspective of those who serve in the ministry of Catholic school education. Through these reflections, a teacher will find a companion on the journey, hope, understanding, and perhaps a little inspiration. Chalk It Up to Mystery: Reflections on the Rosary for the Catholic School Educator awakens the religious imagination of its readers bringing them into the heart of the stories, into the heart of the mysteries, unveiling God's love for his people as made evident through the work of teachers and administrators in Catholic Schools.

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Behold Thy Mother An English/Latin Scriptural Rosary

Behold Thy Mother An English/Latin Scriptural

A Scriptural Rosary book, Behold Thy Mother is a Catholic prayer book with Scripture verses from both the Old and New Testaments. Each English Scripture verse is mirrored with a Latin Verse. Each of the twenty Mysteries of the Rosary is preceded by a moving meditation by a Saint, Pope, or esteemed Catholic theologian ( St. Louis de Montfort, Saint John Paul ll, Saint Bonaventure, Thomas a Kempis, and many more), and is adorned with a gorgeous masterpiece of sacred art by artists such as Bouguereau, Correggio, Rembrandt, Titian, etc. The entire book is filled with meticulously copied graphics from medieval era manuscripts. This is a timeless Rosary book that can be used for Catechesis, Bible study, Latin study, study of sacred art, prayer groups, home school groups, Catholic and Marian apologetics and more. The meditations, Scripture verses, and beautiful art serve to bring the Mysteries of the Rosary to life for anyone struggling with dryness during prayer. Learn why the Catholic Church has always had a deep love for Mary our Mother, and urges Catholics to pray the Rosary. Jesus' final command to us all, "Behold Thy Mother" is fulfilled in this gem of a book. This hardcover Rosary book has gilded page edges and a double-faced satin ribbon marker. This book is the perfect gift for...

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The New Rosary in Scripture: Biblical Insights for Praying the 20 Mysteries

The New Rosary in Scripture: Biblical Insights for

This book has been replaced by a new version entitled Praying the Rosary Like Never Before: Encounter the Wonder of Heaven and Earth. This popular introduction to praying the rosary draws readers closer to Jesus and Mary by placing the mysteries-including the new mysteries of light-in the context of Scripture. The book addresses commonly asked questions about Mary and the rosary and provides the biblical background for all twenty mysteries. It also includes a scriptural rosary that offers ten Bible texts suitable for meditation on each mystery. An appendix offers the complete text of Pope John Paul II's Apostolic Letter, Rosarium Virginis Mariae. A Servant Book.

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Agnes' Gift: A heartwarming story about the power of the Rosary

Agnes' Gift: A heartwarming story about the power

Sometimes God seems nowhere to be found. Then, in an instant, the thin veil that separates Heaven and Earth is peeled back, and we see that He is closer than we ever imagined.Since Confirmation, Jenna hasn’t thought much about her Catholic faith. With her world turned upside down from her parents’ divorce, her brother’s disappearance, and a move to a new neighborhood, God has never felt more distant.Upon moving, Jenna befriends Agnes, an elderly neighbor full of life and faith. She finds hope and healing through Agnes’ friendship — until one heartbreaking night, she loses Agnes, too. Now, on Christmas Eve, gazing upon a gift from Agnes under her tree, an angel appears to take Jenna on an extraordinary journey through the mysteries of the Rosary, and she must decide if there is more to the Faith of her childhood than she previously thought. Are these ancient mysteries, which meant so much to Agnes, relevant to Jenna’s life, too?Agnes’ Gift is a heartwarming story about the power of prayer and friendship. It takes the reader on an adventure into the Gospel through the eyes of a struggling young adult, weaving together the story of Jesus and the timeless questions of a contemporary teenager. It is ideal for people of all ages who want to learn more about the ageless wi...

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Silver Inches Catholic Prayer Beads Aventurine Agate Gemstone Rosary with Metal Cross Blessed with Anointing Oil

Silver Inches Catholic Prayer Beads Aventurine Agate Gemstone

Aventurine is a very positive stone of prosperity, excellent for attracting abundance and wealth. It protects against environmental pollution. Aventurine calms anger and irritation. It balances blood pressure and prevents arteriosclerosis and heart attacts. Aventurine heals the adrenals, heart, skin problems. Green Aventurine is a comforter and heart healer. Designed and Made in California

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Silver Inches
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Blackthorn's Botanical Magic: The Green Witch's Guide to Essential Oils for Spellcraft, Ritual & Healing

Blackthorn's Botanical Magic: The Green Witch's Guide to

Here is the first contemporary guide to the transformative powers of essential oils for use in spellcraft and the cultivation of ritual power. From rose-scented rosaries to the lingering aroma of frankincense, and the cleansing energy of white sage, Amy Blackthorn-- the woman behind Blackthorn Hoodoo Blends --will take you on a journey beyond the soothing, healing power of scents into their hidden realms and their use in prayer, meditation, and shamanic journeying. One of the very first of its kind, this book includes:The rich history and lore of scent-related magicOver 135 essential oil recipes and craft projectsAn explanation of how magical aromatherapy can enhance divination with tarot and runesPractical information regarding the purchasing, blending, and storing of essential oils

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The Contemplative Rosary: With St. John Paul II and St. Teresa of Avila

The Contemplative Rosary: With St. John Paul II

With St. John Paul II and St. Teresa of Avila as your guides, these pages will show you how to transform the rote recitation of prayer into a profound worship of Christ, drawing your hearts to bow in awe before the Triune God whom the Rosary reveals to us. You’ll learn how to place every moment of your life before His throne, seeing in them the mystery of the Incarnation.You’ll learn the difference between contemplation and meditation, and how these great saints approached the reading of sacred writings not as a mere intellectual exercise, but as a prayer. You’ll learn how to enrich your vocal prayer, and how the Rosary can unite vocal prayer and mental prayer in a way that can lift your heart to the heights of contemplation.To look upon the face of Christ is the task of every follower of Christ, and there is no better way to contemplate life of Christ than through the Rosary. Read these pages, and you’ll soon follow in the footsteps of St. Teresa of Ávila and Pope St. John Paul II, finding in the Rosary a meeting point with God that becomes your first taste of a deeper union with Him.

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The Catholic Catalogue: A Field Guide to the Daily Acts That Make Up a Catholic Life

The Catholic Catalogue: A Field Guide to the

The popular mother-daughter team behind the hit website helps readers to discover, rediscover, and embrace the holidays and seasons of Catholic life through this collection of prayers, crafts, devotionals and recipes. This beautifully designed book will help readers celebrate Catholicism throughout the years, across daily practice and milestones. The Catholic Catalogue is a field guide, a list of far ranging topics, that should aid any Catholic, whether steeped in the tradition or just discovering spirituality for the first time, to understand the daily acts that make up a Catholic life. And like the most useful field guides, it is divided into user-friendly sections and covers such topics as the veneration of relics, blessing your house, discovering a vocation, raising teenagers, getting a Catholic tattoo, planting a Mary garden, finding a spiritual director, and exploring your own way in the tradition.With more than 75 inspiring chapters, this book promises to be a resource that individuals and families will turn to again and again, helping to make room in their busy lives for mystery and meaning, awe and joy. 

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