Technique of the Saxophone: Scale Studies

Technique of the Saxophone: Scale

(Woodwind Method). A highly effective and comprehensive book for developing complete technical and musical skills on the saxophone. This Volume One Berklee Workshop features innovative exercises, solos and performance tools that will help you learn melody, harmony, rhythm and improvisation techniques for the saxophone. Covers general practice tips, all major scales and related modes, plus 210 exercises designed to enable students to perform any major scale, beginning on any scale degree.

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ACCIDENTALS HAPPEN! A Compilation of Scales for Saxophone Twenty-Six Scales in All Key Signatures: Major & Minor, Modes, Dominant 7th, Pentatonic & ... Whole Tone, Jazz & Blues, Chromatic

ACCIDENTALS HAPPEN! A Compilation of Scales for Saxophone

ACCIDENTALS HAPPEN! is a diverse scale book which includes scales from classical, jazz, blues and a variety of world music traditions. In this book are 26 scales notated in all 15 key signatures. The scales in this book are: Major, Harmonic & Melodic Minor, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian (Dominant 7th), Aeolian (Natural Minor) & Locrian Modes, Major & Minor Pentatonic Scales, Spanish/Jewish, Hungarian Minor, Arabic, Hindu, Augmented, Lydian Augmented, Major & Minor Diminished, Whole Tone & Diminished Whole Tone, Harmonic Major, Blues, Bebop, Lydian Dominant & Chromatic scales. It includes reference material on 25 scales, the "Circle of Fifths", key signatures & enharmonic equivalents. Half steps are shown in all scales where applicable. In this book for SAXOPHONE, the note range goes from low Bb (A# in Minor Scales) (Bb-2nd space below staff or A#- 2nd line below staff ) to high F (on 4th space above staff). A great preparation for improvisation.

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Pares Scales: Saxophone

Pares Scales:

(Woodwind Method). The classic scale and arpeggio studies of Gabriel Pares were adapted in the 1940s for like-instrument study by Rubank's Harvey Whistler, and are now the standard for elementary scale instruction. Presenting all the major keys up to four flats/sharps (and the relative minors), each unit also includes long tone and embouchure studies. Supplemental material includes comprehensive chromatic scales, fingering and speed studies, lip slurs (brass) and exercises to strengthen the upper register (woodwinds).

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The Scale and Arpeggio Bible for Saxophone: (probably the only scale book you'll ever need)

The Scale and Arpeggio Bible for Saxophone:

This book covers Major scales, Harmonic Minors and Melodic Minors (needed for exams), as well as the Mixolydian, Dorian, Minor Pentatonic, Blues and Jazz Melodic scales, all very useful for playing in a band.This book helps you if you need to learn a particular scale for a particular exam, AND it helps you go well beyond your grade level. Scales are so much more than the boring “learn this scale because it’s in the exam”. This will probably be the only scale book you will ever need.All scales for ABRSM! (and SO much more)


Sax Scales


A systematic approach to mastering the entire range of the saxophone through major and minor scales and arpeggios. Rather than focusing on the middle of the saxophone range and a limited number of key signatures, the goal here is to teach students to read in all key signatures - including enharmonic keys - and to play comfortably in the extreme registers. This book offers exercises that focus in these specific problem areas. It begins with one-octave scales and arpeggios followed by preparatory studies for the full range. This preparation is achieved through exercises extending upward and downward from the middle range with scales finally played full range. Each scale or arpeggio exercise is stated in order of increasing sharps or flats, ultimately addressing all major and minor keys. Report forms for each exercise and key (including metronome markings) are provided so students can evaluate their progress.

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Technique of the Saxophone - Volume 3: Rhythm Studies

Technique of the Saxophone - Volume 3: Rhythm

(Woodwind Method). Once you've completed the studies and exercises in Volumes 1 and 2, this volume offers more advanced study of saxophone technique. An awareness of rhythmic notation and rhythmic interpretation are essential in developing reading skills. Features include syncopated rhythms and unconventional rhythmic notation, double-time exercises in a variety of meters, and 15 etudes incorporating all of the rhythmic concepts presented.

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Saxophone Fingering & Scale Chart

Saxophone Fingering & Scale

Mel Bay s new fingering and scale chart for saxophone is an indispensable reference guide for saxophonists as well as educators. The fingering diagrams are clear and easily understandable, with clear photographs of the keys of the saxophone. The scales can be used together with those of other instruments in the series.

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Technique of the Saxophone - Volume 2: Chord Studies

Technique of the Saxophone - Volume 2: Chord

(Woodwind Method). This follow-up edition presents a continuation and expansion of the techniques presented in Scale Studies, with a special emphasis on chordal concepts. It includes innovative exercises and solos that will help sax players learn melody, harmony, rhythm and improvisation techniques.

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Jazz Sax Scales: A Roadmap for Beginners (Jazz Language Workbooks)

Jazz Sax Scales: A Roadmap for Beginners (Jazz

Jazz Sax ScalesA Roadmap for Beginners(Jazz Language Workbooks)If you have problems classifying and memorizing the different jazz scales and how to use them, you´ll find in this book a step by step roadmap to organize, learn and play the scales used in the jazz idiom.This workbook has exercises to practice the scales used in jazz improvisation and incorporate them to your practice routine.The book follows the model of the rest of the workbooks of the series: building melodic lines starting with melodic patterns, combine them with syncopated rhythmic patterns and articulations and add the most important element: swing.This workbook includes models and templates to write, correct yourself, and improve memorization.The exercises included in the workbook can be played over play alongs and the contents are related to the rest of the Jazz Language Workbooks series.What you will find in this book:154 pages.50 exercises.55 models and templates.Scale options over the major and minor II-V-I progressions, blues and rhythm changes.If you want to improvise your own melodic lines with the authentic jazz sound, download now the Jazz Sax Scales workbook and complete the Jazz Language Workbooks series.

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Essential Elements 2000: Book 2 (Eb Alto Saxophone)

Essential Elements 2000: Book 2 (Eb Alto

(Essential Elements). (Essential Elements for Band and Essential Elements Interactive are fully compatible with Essential Elements 2000) Essential Elements for Band offers beginning students sound pedagogy and engaging music, all carefully paced to successfully start young players on their musical journey. EE features both familiar songs and specially designed exercises, created and arranged for the classroom in a unison-learning environment, as well as instrument-specific exercises to focus each student on the unique characteristics of their own instrument. EE provides both teachers and students with a wealth of materials to develop total musicianship, even at the beginning stages. Books 1 and 2 also include access to Essential Elements Interactive (EEi) , the ultimate online music education resource - anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Go to to learn more! Book 2 features: * Book 1 review section * Daily Warm-ups * Rhythm Raps, sight-reading and improvisation * Theory, history and multicultural music * Creativity and assessment * Instrument-specific etudes * Rubank Studies and solo * 12 full band arrangements, including a planned concert Book also includes My EE Library* ( - Instant Stream/Download/CD* ...with Play-along mp3 t...

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