4 Pairs Earbuds Replacement Tips Memory Foam for Shure Sennheiser Sony Koss AKG Technica in-Ear Earphones Headphones (Mix Color) - KINDEN

4 Pairs Earbuds Replacement Tips Memory Foam for

What is Memory Foam? Memory foam is polyurethane with additional chemicals increasing its viscosity and density. It is often referred to as "viscoelastic" polyurethane foam, or low-resilience polyurethane foam (see LRPu). Higher-density memory foam softens in reaction to body heat, allowing it to mold to a warm body in a few minutes. Faster speed of recovery of a foam to its original shape after a weight is removed is sometimes claimed as an advantage by memory-foam mattress producers, who may talk of "newer generation" foams with "faster recovery. Specifications: 1.Materials: environmental memory foam 2.Internal Diameter:4.9mm (0.19 inches) 3.External Diameter: 13.5mm (0.53 inches) 4.Package Wight:2.5 ounces 5.Package Dimension:4.7*3 inches Compatibility: Compatible with most models in ear Earphones. For example: for Shure: SCL2 E2C SE102; for UE: SF3,5PRO, 5EB, SF4, SF5, TF10 etc. for Sennheiser: IE6, IE7, IE8, CX6, CX95, CX300, CX500 etc. for SONY: EX90, EX85, EX700, EX300, EX35, EX76, EX33, EX55, EX52 etc. for KOSS: KEB24, KEB79; for AKG: K324P, K321, K330, K340, K370 etc. for Technica: CK9, CK10, CKM50, CKM30, CKM70, CKM90, CK1, CK51, CK7, CK6, CK31, CK52 etc. Package List: 4 pairs plush earbud covers (mix colors) WARRANTY: Risk free for 3 months Limited Guarantee! You ...

  • Color: Multi-Colored
  • Brand: KINDEN

Shure EAWXG2-10 Wax Guards (10 Included/5 Pair) for E2, E2c, SE102MPA, I2c, QuietSpot & Inline Earphones (Black)

Shure EAWXG2-10 Wax Guards (10 Included/5 Pair) for

These self-adhesive mesh screens act as a protective barrier preventing wax accumulation in the nozzle of select earphones. Place wax guards directly on the nozzle of your earphones before using them. To place a wax guard on one of your earphones: Remove sleeve from earphone nozzle, Remove any debris or previously used wax guard, Clean tip of nozzle with an antiseptic or alcohol wipe, Ensure tip of nozzle is dry, and remove a wax guard from the supplied strip, Place it on top of nozzle, adhesive side down, Replace earphone sleeve. Do not place wax guards on earphone sleeves. Wax guards are intended for use on the tip of earphone nozzle ONLY. For use with E2 and E2c Sound Isolating Earphones, SE102MPA, I2c Earphone + Mobile Headset, and QuietSpot Boom and Inline models.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Shure
  • ASIN: B001DX9EE6
  • UPC: 424061659760

Shure EAORF2-10M Medium Foam Sleeves (10 Included/5 Pair) for E2c, SE102MPA, i2c & QuietSpot Earphones (Orange)

Shure EAORF2-10M Medium Foam Sleeves (10 Included/5 Pair)

These reusable, disposable foam sleeves compress to fit gently into the ear. Once in the ear, the foam expands to form a tight yet comfortable seal that holds the earphones firmly in place. For E2c, SE102MPA, i2c, and QuietSpot models.

  • Color: Orange
  • Brand: Shure
  • ASIN: B001LEH7LE
  • UPC: 042406165808

Synsen 6 Replacement Earbud Eartip for Shure Sound Isolating E1,E3,E4,E5,E3c,E4c,E4g,E5c,i3c,i4c,SCL3,SCL4,SCL,SE110,SE210,SE310,SE420,SE530,SE115,SE215,SE315,SE425,SE535 in Ear Earphone (Medium)

Synsen 6 Replacement Earbud Eartip for Shure Sound

Brand New quality earbud tips,made of High quality soft comfortable silicone, durable,flexible and washable, antistatic, removable and replaceable. Specially designed ear inserts provide better audio quality and comfort. Spare, Ideal replacement for any damaged, scratched or defective Earbuds-Eartips. You can also use them, to provide better hygiene when you change often. In-Ear Stereo Earphones not included! *Products are compatible and not endorsed by those featured brands trademarks. * All images Copyright. All Rights Reserved.

  • Color: GREY
  • Brand: It is
  • ASIN: B01744HMB4
  • UPC: 700621946663
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