X-10 PowerHorn 110 Decibel Security Siren PH508/PSH01

X-10 PowerHorn 110 Decibel Security Siren

Here's a remote siren that will scare anyone within a few room's distance. This powerful siren takes wireless X10 signals from the X10 alarm consoles. If the console's built-in siren is not loud enough, add this loud siren by simply plugging this unit into any 110V wall receptacle. Use multiple units so that the intruder doesn't know where the sound is coming from. A screw hole allows you to fasten the unit onto the receptacle so a burglar cannot yank it off. This unit is triggered by consecutive ALL LIGHTS ON AND ALL UNITS OFF X10 signals that are transmitted by the security console. This siren can be used with the X10 Powerflash Interface set to flashing mode. This siren is so piercing that it is hard to remain in the same room with it when it goes off.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: X10
  • ASIN: B0007PANF0
  • UPC: 099081332018

X-10 Mini Powerhorn Security Siren (X-10 Pro PSH02, X-10 Powerhouse SH10A)

X-10 Mini Powerhorn Security Siren (X-10 Pro PSH02,

A compact 105dB siren (about half the size of the Powerhorn 110 Decibel Siren) for use with any of the X10 security systems and personal assistance systems such as the DS7000 and DC8700. If you want to control the SH10A from other types of X10 controllers, set the Unit Code dial on the SH10A to any unused number between 1 & 16. Plug the SH10A into any unused AC outlet (not one that is controlled by a wall switch, in case the switch accidentally gets turned off). To test the SH10A, trip your alarm system. The SH10A will sound for as long as the alarm in the security system console sounds, and then shut off a few seconds after you disarm the alarm. Note: If you have a DC8700 security system it might be set to flash lights set to Unit Code 13. If that is the case set the SH10A to Unit Code 13.

  • Brand: X10 Powerhouse
  • UPC: 099081332025

X-10 PowerHorn 110 Decibel Security Siren PH508/PSH01 by X10

X-10 PowerHorn 110 Decibel Security Siren PH508/PSH01 by

New X-10 PowerHorn 110 Decibel Security Siren PH508/PSH01 by X10

  • UPC: 733353779902

X10 Pro PSH02 Powerhorn Siren, 105dB

X10 Pro PSH02 Powerhorn Siren,

The X10 Plug-In Powerhorn Siren Module, 105dB emits a piercing alarm when triggered by an X10 Pro security system. The module plugs into a standard power outlet, and responds to alternating X10 On/Off commands. About 4 seconds after the commands stop, the module is silenced and automatically resets itself. In addition to serving as an alarm, the Powerhorn Siren Module also works as an annunciator. When connected to an X10 alarm panel, the module can respond to "BRIGHTEN/DIM" commands. The BRIGHTEN command triggers a high-pitched chirp, while the DIM command triggers a low-pitched chirp. Compatible X10 Products: X10 Digital Security Console (PRO2000), Voice Dialer Security Console (PSV067/DS7000), Personal Assistant Console (PA5800/PPC01), PowerFlash Security Interface Module (PSC01), and other systems with X-10 commands.

  • Brand: X10 Pro
  • ASIN: B000JKQ0EG
  • UPC: 099081198102

X-10 Voice Dialer Security Console (Base Only) - Model PS561

X-10 Voice Dialer Security Console (Base Only) -

Compact, Easy-to-Use, Advanced Security, its Security That Calls You! The X10 Protector Plus Voice Dialer is the brains behind America's #1 wireless security system! When triggered, the easy-to-install Voice Dialer security system (base console only) sounds a screaming siren, flashes lights and automatically phones up to four pre-set numbers to deliver a pre-recorded message, providing your home and family with maximum protection. All with no monthly fees! Alerts you 3 different ways Blaring 95 dB alarm (As loud as a bulldozer), flashing lights & emergency dialer! Expandable Protection Monitors up to 16 doors, windows and rooms (with the addition of more sensor units) One-Touch Security - Simple, single-button programming - No codes to remember!. Space-Saving Design in a Countertop console - No bigger than an answering machine. Everything You Want In A Security Device, Nothing You Don't. No false alarms. No monthly fees. Easy to install! Works perfectly with the Protector PLUS Voice Dialer Security System Please note: This is the X10 Voice Dialer console ONLY - none of the optional components are included.

  • Brand: X10 Powerhouse
  • ASIN: B0041LFIPG
  • UPC: 099081331158
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