Continental Drift: World Music Loops & Samples [Download]

Continental Drift: World Music Loops & Samples

Continental Drift: World Music Loops & Samples is an exclusive Premium Collection title featuring African, Asian, Arabic, Celtic, East Indian, Gypsy, and Native American sounds. A rainbow of music—essential percussion and stringed instruments, unusual and hard-to-find instruments, and a large selection of inspired vocal performances—are offered here in a flexible package well-suited to a variety of applications. Far from being a watered-down presentation of ‘westernized’ world music with a ‘new age’ feel, Continental Drift was specifically designed to bridge the sonic and aesthetic gaps between authentic field recordings and the rarified air of the formal recording studio environment, while upholding the ideals of great loop library design—isolation of the instruments, integrity on every track, and a level of organization that inspires producers to keep coming back for more. Meticulously tracked and processed through vintage and modern vintage front end gear, the resulting avalanche of 24-bit sound was painstakingly edited by Paul Vnuk before being tweaked and assembled by James Johnson and Leo Cavallo—three sample library producers with an intimate knowledge of what it takes to make a great title hang together just right. We invite you to utilize Continental Drif...

  • Brand: Sony
  • ASIN: B00G4EA3Y4


  • Brand: IGN Entertainment
  • ASIN: B00S5OD2U8

Rondo Brothers: Trip-Hop Loops & Samples [Download]

Rondo Brothers: Trip-Hop Loops & Samples

In four short years, Jim Greer and Brandon Arnovick have emerged as one of the industry’s most dynamic duos, producing (Prince Paul, Head Automatica), remixing (Ella Fitzgerald, New York Dolls), and putting on raucous live shows worldwide. Now, the Rondo Brothers are ready to quake your desktop with Seven Minutes To Midnight: Trip-Hop Loops & Samples. This exclusive Sony Sound Series offering marks a first in the world of sample libraries: the breakout of an entire album into the universe of royalty-free sounds. Trip-Hop Loops & Samples is a true mother lode of sound, painstakingly extracted from the original session files of the Brothers’ critically acclaimed sophomore effort, Seven Minutes To Midnight. You get the whole enchilada—broken out, looped up, and fortified with genuine Sony metadata for flex power in ACID and all the other heavy-hitting DAW platforms. Blend a little abstract Bay Area funk into your own vision, or mash-up the goods into a Rondo Brothers hybrid. This time you’re behind the board, and anything goes. A limited edition run of the Trip-Hop Loops & Samples loop library will contain a special version of the Rondo Brothers' Seven Minutes To Midnight audio CD that includes three bonus tracks not available on the original domestic release (packaged versi...

  • Brand: Sony

Methods of Mayhem: Industrial Toolkit [Download]

Methods of Mayhem: Industrial Toolkit

The Methods of Mayhem: Industrial Toolkit collection is a smorgasbord of mysterious and delirious musical sounds, designed to add a little dissonance and disorder to your next project. From twisted guitar riffs and distorted synth loops to feedback rhythms and mouthbox beats, this disc gives you hundreds of aggressive samples - all original and royalty-free - that will add a little chaos to your compositions. This is an easy-to-use, organized catalog of strange and deranged loops designed to help you create a little sonic disturbance. Space vibes, metal on metal hits, and short synth stabs are just the beginning. Take your music to the edge and beyond with Methods of Mayhem: Industrial Toolkit library.

  • Brand: Sony
  • ASIN: B00G4EC2DO

Pocket Diva: World Class Vocal Samples [Download]

Pocket Diva: World Class Vocal Samples

Obtaining world class vocal recordings is a delicate and somewhat arcane process that involves a complicated set of variables: great rooms, great gear, and lots of experience behind the desk, for starters. Once those factors are under control, then it's all about psychology and the voice behind the mic. Pocket Diva has these bases covered. Now you can add depth and dimension to any type of music by simply dropping ideal vocal performance files directly into your mix with instant results. Enjoy access to sonorous melodies, sensual multipart harmonies, angelic choruses, soulful phrases, operatic flourishes and more, all crafted to appeal directly to remixers, dance music producers, hip-hop/R&B artists, and score composers. Superbly effected samples paired with selected 100% dry counterparts allow for maximum flexibility during project tracking. Break out your Pocket Diva for vocal drops on any track that needs a human touch. Pocket Diva is no prima donna—she's always on time and she'll never demand a royalty check! Sample-accurate ACIDized metadata ensures maximum plasticity for achieving natural-sounding vocal tracks in the widest possible range of project keys and tempos. Great sound, great value, and a pleasant personality—with Pocket Diva, you get the complete package.

  • Brand: Sony
  • ASIN: B00G4ED0TE

Seven Minutes To Midnight: Trip-Hop Loops & Samples Mini Box [Old Version]

Seven Minutes To Midnight: Trip-Hop Loops & Samples

In four short years Jim Greer and Brandon Arnovick have emerged as one of the industry s most dynamic duos producing (Prince Paul Head Automatica) remixing (Ella Fitzgerald New York Dolls) and putting on raucous live shows worldwide. Now the Rondo Brothers are ready to quake your desktop with Seven Minutes To Midnight: Trip-Hop Loops & Samples. This exclusive Sony Sound Series offering marks a first in the world of sample libraries: the breakout of an entire album into the universe of royalty-free sounds. Trip-Hop Loops & Samples is a true mother lode of sound painstakingly extracted from the original session files of the Brothers critically acclaimed sophomore effort Seven Minutes To Midnight. You get the whole enchilada broken out looped up and fortified with genuine Sony metadata for flex power in ACID and all the other heavy-hitting DAW platforms. Blend a little abstract Bay Area funk into your own vision or mash-up the goods into a Rondo Brothers hybrid. This time you re behind the board and anything goes

  • Brand: Sony
  • ASIN: B000WHCF0Y
  • UPC: 855309675066

Mixcraft 7 Home Studio [Old Version]

Mixcraft 7 Home Studio [Old

Mixcraft Home Studio 7 instantly turns your computer into a fully stocked music recording studio. Imagine having a full room of professional synthesizers, dozens of audio effects, and over two thousand professional loops and sound effects all at your fingertips! Mix craft Home Studio 7 enables you to record sixteen tracks of audio and MIDI, arrange loops, remix tracks, compose with virtual instruments, add effects, score and edit video, and mix and master your tracks to create polished, professional compositions. The perfect partner for live performances, take to the stage using Mixcraft Home Studio 7's new amazingly flexible Performance Panel to automatically sync, non-stop audio and MIDI clip grooves with a MIDI or keyboard controller. Limitations Compared to Mixcraft 7 (standard) • Limited to 16 tracks • Limited to 8 performance panel sets. • Only 20 built-in effects and 6 built-in virtual instruments. • Does not mix down to MP3 or allow CD Burning • Automation limited to volume and pan. • Library limited to 2096 loops and sound effects. • No importing to Library • No Submix, Rewire, or Output tracks

  • Brand: Acoustica
  • ASIN: B00U9XNJ38
  • UPC: 728028347975

Caliente: Reggaeton Construction Kit [Download]

Caliente: Reggaeton Construction Kit

From bachata and bolero to dancehall style and straight up hip-hop, Reggaeton's rhythmic tapestry is threaded with styles that span the globe. The unmistakable click-clack of the snare drum over 4/4 Dem Bow kicks produces grinding cadences that frame out all the heavy toasting, sub-bass, and synths that add up to the Reggaeton style. Caliente: Reggaeton Construction Kit stays true to the game, delivering 15 complete song structure folders packed with Reggaeton sounds, and of course loads and loads of drums. Whether you're a DJ looking for raucous, club-style beats to throw over your next set, or a producer trying to mine that authentic Hurban sound, Caliente is a must-have royalty-free sample collection for all producers and works hand-in-glove with ACID software or any other application that supports .wav files.

  • Brand: Sony
  • ASIN: B00G4E94S0

The Best of Siggi Baldursson: The Drum Loops [Download]

The Best of Siggi Baldursson: The Drum Loops

After Siggi Baldursson’s groovy drumming propelled the Sugarcubes to fame, Siggi lent his killer chops to a perfect pair of Sony Sound Series loop libraries: the loose and funky Drumsugar collection, and the electronica-zapped Zero-Gravity Beats. This best-of-Siggi assemblage contains key elements of both, selected by celebrity bassist Tony Franklin to provide the inspiration and backbone he needed during the recording sessions for his own heavy bass loop library, Tony Franklin: Not Just Another Pretty Bass. For the first time ever, one sample library builds upon another through a process we call Artist Integration — a fresh new way to make better music even faster, with libraries that unite artists in unprecedented levels of virtual collaboration across multiple library titles. Enjoy The Best of Siggi Baldursson: The Drum Loops by itself, or add some ‘Pretty Bass’ to your cart and let Siggi roll it for the perfect Artist Integration experience. Feel the energy of two super-hot players colliding to churn out some truly amazing grooves!

  • Brand: Sony

arhythmiA: Drums & Drones, Volume Two [Download]

arhythmiA: Drums & Drones, Volume Two

Nine Inch Nails drummer Jerome Dillon, NIN sound designer Keith Hillebrandt, and Sony Creative Software present the arhythmiA: Drums & Drones series, a twin volume collection that spans four discs full of 24-bit .wav files, assorted Propellerhead Software Recycle files (.rx2 file format), and ACID software projects, that deliver an instantly identifiable sonic imprint that can’t be found anywhere else. Both volumes offer up incredible drumming and production design, incorporating the sounds of the most well-maintained vintage synths and processing gear on the planet, as well as the most advanced digital audio tools of the moment. This Sony Sound Series: Loops & Samples Premium Collection superproject focuses on Keith Hillebrandt-processed Jerome Dillon drum kit performances, and Keith’s own scintillating atmospheres, epic drones, undulating sequences, and sub-aqueous bass lines. Dive in and explore dozens of thematic, packet-based construction kits, and augment your work with folders packed full of custom sound design components. Express your creativity in the ACID software domain and every other software or hardware platform that utilizes .wav or .rx2 files. Every arhythmiA collection disc contains a sophisticated ACID project that blends arhythmiA series loops with many oth...

  • Brand: Sony
  • ASIN: B00G4E8GT8

Mick Fleetwood: Total Drumming [Download]

Mick Fleetwood: Total Drumming

Fleetwood Mac's Mick Fleetwood is the living history of rock. Thundering through its evolution, his passionate style drove the British Invasion's bold incarnation of the blues, rocked through the golden age of FM, and made inroads to new world music hybrids. Then it happened: the ultimate Fleetwood Mac, and some of the most innovative and popular music ever created. Now, Mick Fleetwood and Sony Creative Software invite you to explore the very core of this music with the Mick Fleetwood: Total Drumming collection. A meticulously researched and executed project and a labor of love, the Mick Fleetwood/Sony Creative Software synergy reveals the shining core of the Fleetwood style, and showcases all the beats and rhythms that literally changed the course of modern music. Mick Fleetwood, perhaps the single most influential drummer in rock history, paired with Sony Creative Software, the world's foremost producer of sample libraries, present the exclusive Mick Fleetwood: Total Drumming collection - let the power of rock history propel you into the future.

  • Brand: Sony
  • ASIN: B00G4ECTI2

ACID Pro 7


Sony ACID Pro 7 software is a DAW (digital audio workstation) powerhouse that combines full multitrack recording and mixing, complete MIDI sequencing, and legendary loop manipulation for seamless music creation and post production. Get up and running quickly with new interactive tutorials. Other new features include a dedicated mixing console, MIDI track freeze, input busses, tempo curves, and enhanced format support. ACID Pro 7 software includes over 3,000 loops and 1,000 MIDI files for music creation, as well as the Garritan ARIA for ACID Pro player, the ACID Pro Effects Rack powered by iZotope, and Submersible Music KitCore.

  • Brand: Sony
  • ASIN: B001HXII80
  • UPC: 843466147595

Discrete Drums: Volume I [Download]

Discrete Drums: Volume I

Discrete Drums and Sony Creative Software have joined forces to bring you the new state-of-the-art in beat construction tools. Our Discrete Drums: Volume I collection is a world-class purveyor of sparkling rock/pop acoustic kit drum and percussion grooves, customizable to meet the most demanding professional music production needs. Sony Creative Software refines the Discrete Drums aesthetic by applying our trademark ACID software metadata, library organization and presentation - qualities that make Sony Sound Series libraries the most compelling in the industry. At the macro level, each Discrete Drums volume contains three fully-mixed foundation beats, with all the fills and variations you need for creating complete, seamless drum tracks instantly, from crisp intro to smashing finish. At the micro level, you get everything, from the multitrack session files to isolated one shots. Experience the new cutting edge in drum loop library design - the Discrete Drums/Sony Creative Software alliance.

  • Brand: Sony
  • ASIN: B00G4EA8F8

What It Is! '70s Analog Funk [Download]

What It Is! '70s Analog Funk

To arrive at the Sony Sound Series Premium Collection level, you need to have it all—great players tracked in a great studio, a wise producer at the desk, and dead-accurate loop slicing on a 24-bit block. What It Is! ‘70s Analog Funk makes the grade. Let’s start with the technology. Color me vintage—24-track analog recordings, brothers and sisters. Total saturation. Enough said. The producer and the studio? Mark Whitcomb and 4000 square feet of prime jam space filled with all the right toys. The sounds? Sweet, funky music played live by seasoned pros who built a nonstop idea mill and ran it for days to grind out the funky source materials for this brand new bag. Mark and his crew pushed the VU meters into the red zone and harnessed all the power of funk, thriving in its native environment: vintage kit drums, electric basses and pianos, real organ and clavinet, rhythm guitars, full horn section, congas, bongos and assorted hand percussion, vocal shouts, and more. After the smoke cleared in the control room, we applied our editing prowess to fold more than a gigabyte of sounds into 15 session modules that’ll put you on the fast track to making the tightest, most authentic, most jammin’ funk this side of the Apollo. You say funk, we say What It Is!, in ACID software and ...

  • Brand: Sony
  • ASIN: B00G4EG29Y

Horncraft for R&B [Download]

Horncraft for R&B

Known for over a decade as 'the greatest horn section in the world,' Birch 'Crimson Slide' Johnson (trombone), Lou 'Blue Lou' Marini (tenor saxophone), and Alan 'Mr. Fabulous' Rubin (trumpet) have provided brass for the likes of Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Steely Dan, Destiny's Child, Bruce Springsteen, Lauren Hill, Michael Jackson, Sting, and a host of others. This incredible power trio can be heard on countless television shows, commercials and movie soundtracks, including Blues Brothers 2000, where they are featured as actors as well as players. In this remarkable collection, they give up dozens of blistering riffs, solos, and sections, presented in several keys for maximum flexibility and fidelity in ACID software. The Horncraft for R&B collection offers royalty-free sounds of unparalleled authenticity from the musicians who set the standard for brass in contemporary music.

  • Brand: Sony

Steve Tibbetts: Friendly Fire [Download]

Steve Tibbetts: Friendly Fire

Sony Creative Software presents the Steve Tibbetts: Friendly Fire collection. Veteran ECM recording artist Steve Tibbetts is regarded as one of the most original and inventive musicians of our time. His numerous releases have received five star reviews in publications ranging from Rolling Stone to Downbeat to Guitar Player. This collection explores the full spectrum of Steve's unique approach to music and sound, from his trademark psychedelic rainbows of distorted guitar, to the impossibly delicate and meticulously produced acoustic guitar work that never fails to leave his listeners transfixed. The Friendly Fire library also includes a fine selection of the percussion and textural elements that complete the incomparable Tibbetts sound, making this a construction kit that will give you unrestrained access to the artistic vision of Steve Tibbetts.

  • Brand: Sony
  • ASIN: B00G4EDX00

Sunrise Soul: Smooth R&B [Download]

Sunrise Soul: Smooth R&B

Greet the new dawn with Sunrise Soul: Smooth R&B, a complete construction kit full of instrumental themes and soulful atmospherics, rich harmonic structures and long phrases containing natural, freely expressed musical ideas with lots of signature hooks and wide open spaces. This is loop library design at its best. Elusively simple-sounding in isolation, stack the interlocking parts of Sunrise Soul in a mix and treat yourself to finely articulated smooth R&B built on the refined tastes and heavy compositional skills of John Hobart at Scorpio Music Productions in Los Angeles. Start with solid slow groove beats, mixed for convenience or broken out by instrument. Then add bass lines and percussion grooves, acoustic and electric piano themes, organ riffs, mono synth lines, sax breaks, acoustic guitar runs, rich pads and more, all recorded in brilliant 24-bit sound. With a deep bow to classic major seven/minor seven pop/soul changes, the individual elements contained in Sunrise Soul have enough built-in restraint and open air to make them a perfect cross-genre proposition; its minimalist structures will encourage you to break out of the box and work within and across the sessions, and across libraries and styles as well, to make smooth R&B, deep electro-soul tracks, lounge, trip-hop, ...

  • Brand: Sony
  • ASIN: B00G4EE354

ILONA! Universal Female Vocal Toolkit [Download]

ILONA! Universal Female Vocal Toolkit

The premise is simple: desktop producers want easy access to perfectly mixed vocal harmony layers. The ILONA! Universal Female Vocal Toolkit makes it happen. Start with three full octaves of 'ooh' and 'aah' vocal samples, with long and short durations provided for every note. Then, add the production candy: separate, stereo Lexicon 480 reverb tracks, with your choice of decay times - for each and every note! Create a conventional mix, or experiment with unique combinations of sung notes and reverbs for startling vocal effects. With ILONA! toolkit sounds and ACID software, you now have complete control over both the chordal composition and the sonic texture of your vocal harmonies. This special 2CD collection also includes a beautiful assortment of royalty-free diva samples, appropriate for use across a wide range of genres and moods. Enjoy the ILONA! Universal Female Vocal Toolkit collection - a milestone in music production libraries, and an indispensable tool for serious desktop producers.

  • Brand: Sony

New Roots Reggae [Download]

New Roots Reggae

YAGA! The New Roots Reggae collection is ready to take you to the irie ites in the ACID software engine! This brilliant collection of sounds gives praise to roots, dub, and dancehall reggae and brings these forms intact and grooving into the new worlds of modern dub, trance, and electronic music. Folders packed with the acoustic and electric instruments of reggae are here in abundance, in high fidelity and with deep production, serving up sounds that echo and shimmer as they invite you to explore the mysteries of dub revolution. Create skanky reggae and brooding dub plates - the New Roots Reggae library has a joyful and distinctive flavor that will appeal to roots rockers and dub scientists alike. With the New Roots Reggae library and some ACID software, you'll be on your way to making original reggae to the fullness!

  • Brand: Sony
  • ASIN: B00G4ECBN0

Groove Spectrum R&B Drums [Download]

Groove Spectrum R&B Drums

R&B means a lot of things to a lot of people, but groove is the common bond that holds it all together. Our Groove Spectrum R&B Drums collection is the funk drum groove encyclopedia. This is a virtual history of R&B, from its cold sweat beginnings to the machine-driven grooves of today's smoothest chart-topping R&B hits. Get down with acoustic kit drums, congas, and one-shots for a thick blend of funk that will take you back to the '70s. Or call up a smooth machine groove to drive your ballad straight to the airwaves. Whatever your taste, you can be sure that these classic grooves will hold back the beat and take you down easy.

  • Brand: Sony
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