Wholesale CASE of 25 - 3M Anti-Static Electronic Equipment Spray Cleaner-Electronic Spray Cleaner, 10 oz, Citrus Scent

Wholesale CASE of 25 - 3M Anti-Static Electronic

Antistatic spray cleaner with citrus scent removes fingerprints, dirt, grease and dust from electronic equipment including PDAs. Unique antistatic formula in aerosol canister helps reduce dust buildup. Oil-free and wax-free formulation will not leave streaks.

  • Brand: 3M
  • UPC: 021200525674

Endust Multi-Surface Electronics Anti-Static Cleaner 12 Pack (096000P12)

Endust Multi-Surface Electronics Anti-Static Cleaner 12 Pack

Endust For Electronics Multi-Surface Anti-Static Screen and Electronics Cleaner. Trusted Endust brand cleans virtually every surface in your office including all types of screens. Picks up dust and gently cleans away fingerprints. Helps prevent build-up of static charges. Ultimate cleaner makes it easy to go from cleaning your screen, keyboard, desk, phone, smart-phone, copier, fax, to printer and more. New alcohol, wax, oil, residue, and ammonia-free formula is streak-free and anti-static. Aerosol makes cleaning and dusting easier than ever. Stays where you spray it (won't run). So you can clean where you want when you want. The only aerosol anti-static cleaner that repels dust once applied and helps keep your screens and equipment dust and static free. Made in the USA.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Endust for Electronics
  • ASIN: B005UMF3E6
  • UPC: 810598012954

Endust for Electronics 6 oz Anti-Static Cleaning and Dusting Pump Spray 097000

Endust for Electronics 6 oz Anti-Static Cleaning and

Specially formulated no drip, no streak gel formula cleans most flat panel tv's, computer screens, laptop and net book screens, gps, phone and more. Once applied, the spray will help repel dust and other allergans. Use a microfiber towel/cloth to wipe the solution from the screen. Chemical compound: Ethanol, Isopropyl Alcohol.

  • Color: N/a
  • Brand: Endust for Electronics
  • ASIN: B00005T3Z7
  • UPC: 801593157955

Windex Electronics Wipes, 3 Pack, 25 ct

Windex Electronics Wipes, 3 Pack, 25

Wondering how to clean your computer screen or flat screen TV? Windex Electronics Wipes are an effective and safe screen cleaner you can trust on even your most valuable devices. The advanced cleaning formula gently removes fingerprints and dust without damaging your screens or leaving any residue behind. Perfect for that traveling tablet or that shiny new phone.

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Windex
  • ASIN: B072B91QTN
  • UPC: 019800708177

Weiman Anti-Static E-Tronic Electronic Cleaning Wipes For LCD Screens, Computers, TVs, Tablets, E-readers, Smart Phones, Netbooks, and Touchscreens (30 Wipes)

Weiman Anti-Static E-Tronic Electronic Cleaning Wipes For LCD

Keep all your electronic screens and accessories in pristine condition with the Weiman e-Tronic Wipes. A premoistened cleaning wipe engineered with a streak-free formula that productively removes dust, dirt, & fingerprints while eliminating static from your screen. Lint-free & ammonia-free, the Weiman Electronic Wipes allow you to enjoy a clearer picture on all your valuable electronic devices including TVs, laptops, tablets, cell phones, keyboards, stereos & monitors etc. Perfect for everyday clean ups, this quick-drying formula allows you to leave a brilliant, mirror-like shine in just seconds! This product cleans smudges and fingerprints with passion to reveal the superior shine of your electronic devices, making the Weiman Electronic Wipes an essential for everyday treatment. Weiman has the specialty surface care cleaners and polishes needed for your entire household, shop our collection today. Weiman Products is the perfect home, chef, pro, scratch resistant, cleansing, household, professional, and at work solution for all of your electronic cleaning and buffing needs. Weiman wants each of the surfaces in your home to look its best. That’s why we have developed cleaning products that go beyond simply cleaning to beautify and protect each of your delicate, difficult to care...

  • Color: Multi
  • Brand: Weiman
  • UPC: 041598000539

Metro ED500 DataVac 500-Watt 120 volt 0.75-HP Electric Blower Duster

Metro ED500 DataVac 500-Watt 120 volt 0.75-HP Electric

The MetroVac DataVac Electric Duster is a compact yet unbelievably powerful computer and equipment duster. It's modeled to blast dust, dirt and debris off of your expensive tech equipment. This multipurpose electric duster features a 500-Watt motor that is ideal for keeping keyboards, computers and other technological equipment clean. Regular use can help to ensure your office and electronic gear is dust-free and running at maximum efficiency.

  • Color: white
  • Brand: Metro Vacuum
  • ASIN: B001J4ZOAW
  • UPC: 013039059857

3M Cleaner,Electronic,10 OZ

3M Cleaner,Electronic,10

Aerosol spray removes fingerprints, dirt, grease and dust from most electronic equipment surfaces. Antistatic agent helps reduce dust buildup. Streak-free formula; excellent for electronics. Foaming action prevents running on vertical surfaces. Fresh citrus scent.

  • Brand: 3M

EXTRA LARGE [8 Pack] Clean & Clear Microfiber - ULTRA PREMIUM QUALITY Lens Cleaning Cloths - Camera Lens, Glasses, Screens, and all Lens.

EXTRA LARGE [8 Pack] Clean & Clear Microfiber

Clean & Clear Microfiber - Our Products Clean & Clear Microfiber is Ultra Premium Quality Microfiber. It is Extremely Soft and Gentle. It is Reusable and Long Lasting. It is Engineered with a Positive Electrostatic Charge to Attract Dusts. It is Thick and Durable. It is Lint-Free and Finished with Durable Elegant Stitched Edge. It was Tested for Harmful Substances According to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 SEVO 100414 - See Our Certificate(Confidence in Textiles). It was Tested for Superior Cleaning Performance from COLTS Laboratories - See Our Test Results Report. Clean & Clear Microfiber - Premium Quality(See Our Customers' Reviews) Our Microfiber is the Highest Quality in the Industry for Lens Cleaning. Even our Microfiber was Strictly Tested for Ultra High Performance. You can Experience a Big Difference Compared to Other Products. Clean & Clear Microfiber Guarantees 100% Satisfaction. NO REGRET! If you have any problems with our products, we will give you a Free Replacement or a Full Refund.

  • Color: Stitched Edge
  • Brand: Clean & Clear Microfiber
  • UPC: 638317565402

Awesome Wipes Disinfecting Screen Cleaning Wipes for Electronics - Anti-Static, Streak-Free, Lint-Free, 20 Pre-Moistened Wipes in Resealable Pouch

Awesome Wipes Disinfecting Screen Cleaning Wipes for Electronics

Kill those germs before you get sickDid you know that a public toilet seat can actually carry fewer germs than your smartphone or tablet? Fortunately, Awesome Wipes has the perfect solution for you: pre-moistened anti-bacterial, disinfectant wipes.Keep your devices clean and without any streaksWhether it's a smartphone, tablet, computer, laptop, keyboard, monitor, smart watch, TV, CD, DVD, camera lens, musical instrument, or even a pair of glasses or sunglasses, our non-abrasive wipes will leave it clean, shiny, and safe.They're also lint-free and anti-static, and are specially formulated to dry fast without leaving unsightly streaks, and you'll love their light lemony-fresh scent.Will Never Dry OutEach of the 20 wipes is individually wrapped to ensure they won't dry out, no matter how long you wait to use them. We're so confident of this that we offer a 100% Lifetime Guarantee!Take Them AnywhereThe handy eco-friendly resealable travel bag means you can take these with you wherever you go, in your pocket, backpack, purse, briefcase, camera bag, or car, whether you're travelling with work, on vacation, or simply on a weekend hiking trip.Useful at home, at the office, by parents, photographers, travelers - in fact we can't think of anyone in this age of electronics who wouldn't ben...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Awesome Wipes
  • ASIN: B00Y3O6OAE
  • UPC: 661799074629

6 oz. Screen Cleaner & Microfiber Towel Combo (12275)

6 oz. Screen Cleaner & Microfiber Towel Combo

Endust for Electronics LCD & Plasma Gel cleaning pack. Includes 6 oz. LCD & Plasma Cleaner. The gel formula is specifically formulated to safely and effectively clean LCD and Plasma screens and will not run down into sensitive equipment. This special no streak formula is safe on non- glare coating and is alcohol and ammonia free. The large 16" x 16" Microfiber Terry Cloth is soft and low-linting and is ideal for cleaning and polishing LCD & Plasma screens.

  • Color: One Color
  • Brand: Endust for Electronics
  • ASIN: B001U2HBLI
  • UPC: 807032928704

Kitchen + Home Large 27" Inch Static Duster - Electrostatic Feather Duster attracts dust Like a Magnet! - Assorted Colors Will Ship

Kitchen + Home Large 27" Inch Static Duster

As you use it, a strong static charge will build to literally suck up dust and debris like a magnet. Fine particles will seem to jump off of the surface you're cleaning, only to be locked into the synthetic fibers. Bend the head to any angle to clean ledges, shelves and ceiling fans, and never worry about any surface or object because the super soft fibers are safe and gentle on anything. The long lasting charge will hold in collected dust until you release it into the trash. A quick shake or tap over the can will release the charge, and deposit the collected debris. Stop using old rags, chemical sprays and other products that just don't work. These electrostatic dusters will make dusting a quick and simple chore.It's perfect for home use, but the incredible power, and long lasting durability make it ideal for commercial applications too. The charged synthetic fibers also makes this a great car duster! Lift dust without worrying about scratching your paint! Assorted Colors will ship. Directions: 1. Unpack your new static duster. 2. Prepare the duster for use by rolling the handle back and forth between your hands. The twisting motion fluff the fibers and prepares them to attract more dust. 3. To create a static charge, insert the duster head into a plastic grocery bag and rub th...

  • Color: Assorted
  • Brand: Kitchen + Home
  • ASIN: B01N1ZC0FU
  • UPC: 734869223491

CAIG DeoxIT D5S-6 Spray, Contact Cleaner/Rejuvenator, 5 oz.

CAIG DeoxIT D5S-6 Spray, Contact Cleaner/Rejuvenator, 5

DeoxIT D5S-6 Spray, Contact Cleaner / Rejuvenator, 5 oz. DeoxIT helps bring old systems back to life! DeoxIT is a contact cleaner, conductivity enhancer, and lubricant. It dissolves oxidation and corrosion on metal surfaces, fills in microscopic gaps, and reseals surface for better contact to enhance the flow of electricity. It rejuvenates electrical equipment by improving connector performance and reliability. This excellent cleaner and deoxidizing agent helps protect your electronics equipment, yet does not contribute towards ozone depletion.

  • Color: Original Version
  • Brand: CAIG
  • ASIN: B00I3G272M
  • UPC: 697429002007

Altura Photo Professional Cleaning Kit for DSLR Cameras and Sensitive Electronics Bundle with 2oz Altura Photo Spray Lens and LCD Cleaner

Altura Photo Professional Cleaning Kit for DSLR Cameras

Altura Photo 2oz Spray Bottle with Cleaning Solution - The Altura Photo Optical Cleaning Solution is a professional cleaner that allows you to clean lenses and optics without leaving any residue. It dissipates static without making use of harsh chemicals such as alcohol, ammonia or detergents. - The solution comes in a great ergonomic bottle, perfect to clean your favorite items anywhere with ease. With a compact and sturdy build you can keep one in your office, purse, by your computer, or anywhere you like. Features - Alcohol FREE. - Ammonia FREE. - Odor FREE. - Ergonomic 2oz bottle provides a comfortable use. - Tight threading prohibits any leaking. - Spring-loaded button ensures the perfect amount to be sprayed. - Safe removal of foreign matter from surfaces of all optical glass. - Durable material for extended use. MagicFiber Cleaning Cloths (3 Pcs) - 1 Extra Large Black 16X16", 1 Black 6x7", 1 Grey 6x7" - The highest rated and top selling microfibers online.- Extremely fine microfiber leaves zero scratches, streaks or marks. Safe for all surfaces and lenses. Lens cleaning pen - The soft brush retracts into the pen body to stay clean. Use the brush to dust off any particles and debris. Altura Photo 50 Sheets Camera Cleaning Tissue - Booklet of 50 sheets. This cleaning tissue ...

  • Brand: Altura Photo
  • ASIN: B0098QH2BC
  • UPC: 799422843301

DeoxITLiquid, squeeze tube 100% solution 2 mL - D100L-2C

DeoxITLiquid, squeeze tube 100% solution 2 mL -

DeoxIT D-Series is a fast-acting deoxidizing solution that cleans, preserves, lubricates and improves conductivity on metal connectors and contacts. Use as a general treatment for connectors, contacts and other metal surfaces. Use on non-critical metal surfaces with severe oxidation and corrosion on the metal surface. If there is a discoloration of the metal - it is severe. Use DeoxIT to dissolve the contamination. DeoxIT will also lubricate and protect the surface. For reference, DeoxIT has approximately 20 percent cleaning action. Improves Conductivity Deoxidizes, Cleans & Preserves Reduces Intermittent Connections Reduces Arcing & RFI Reduces Wear & Abrasion Temperature Range, -34oC to 200oC DeoxIT D-Series D100L Squeeze Tube, 100 percent solution, 2 ml, (Applications = 50 +/- drops, 0.04 ml/drop) WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which is [are] known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

  • Color: Original Version
  • Brand: CAIG Laboratories
  • ASIN: B0015A5AAY
  • UPC: 697429002106

Endust Dry Microfiber Wipes, 2-Pack (END11421)

Endust Dry Microfiber Wipes, 2-Pack

Endust for Electronics extra large size 2 pack of Microfiber Towels (15" x 15") lift dust, fingerprints and smudges from all your electronic equipment. Towels may be used dry or slightly damp. Ideal for Computer screens, TV screens and monitors - LCD & Plasma, Game machines, PDA's, cameras, general dusting and more. Towels are non-scratching, low-lining and hemmed on all sides. They are re-useable and machine washable. Proper maintenance will ensure Microfiber towels will have an extended life. For best results use with Endust for Electronics Screen Cleaning spray.

  • Color: blue
  • Brand: Endust
  • ASIN: B001U29N3W
  • UPC: 961613214584

Canless Air System O2 Hurricane ESD-Safe Model Canned Air Replacement

Canless Air System O2 Hurricane ESD-Safe Model Canned

The materials used in the new Canless Air System O2 Hurricane ESD-safe units have been tested and proven to measure in the static dissipative range, around 10 E+9 ohms, and are acceptable for use around ESD sensitive hardware. The new units have the same power as the Canless Air Industrial unit and are rechargeable up to 500 times. This means that not only are they ESD-safe, but they produce no hazardous waste. This product fills a crucial need, as one of the dangers of using a conventional duster in a clean room is that the static it produces can cause damage to solid state electronic components and integrated circuits. Our new ESD-safe units eliminate that costly and dangerous variable. This product is equal to over 1000 cans of canned air, computer duster, air duster, gas duster, compressed air or whatever other names companies put on their chemical filled electronic cleaners. It is also perfect for people who use air compressors but don't want to be tethered with a cord. We offer a 30 day risk-free return policy, we even pay the return shipping if you don't love it, so try it now!

  • Color: Black
  • UPC: 700220273696

MightyMicroCloth Microfiber Eyeglass Cleaning Cloths - Vinyl Travel Pouch - Lens Cleaner for Glasses, Camera Lenses, Tablets, Phone Screens, & Electronics - 6 Pack Royal/Blue (6"x7")

MightyMicroCloth Microfiber Eyeglass Cleaning Cloths - Vinyl Travel

Mighty Micro Cloths Premium Microfiber Cleaning ClothsThe simple highly effective, chemical free way to clean all delicate glass surfaces including eyeglasses, computer glasses, iPhones, iPads, Android phones, lcd screens, camera lenses anything requiring gentle lint, scratch free and anti-static cleaning.Special serrated edges never unravel or pull apart. Premium ultra-fine, tight weaved microfibers that can reused hundreds of times with proper care. Just rinse in warm water and air dry. For stubborn dirt use a little dish detergent and rinse then air dry. Can also be washed on gentle cycle in the washing machine. Do not use bleach, chlorine or harsh chemicals as that will shorten the life of the microfibers. Absorbs 8-10 times its weight and removes dirt and smudges like magic.BONUS eBook on green cleaning tips and tricks. Available in convenient 6" x 7" pocket size, Large 10" x 10" or XL 12" x 12" size for larger jobs. Each in a clear PVC travel pouch; Just click the ‘add to cart button’ to get the Mighty Micro Cloths and your free eBook bonus. You’ll love them and we guarantee it.

  • Color: Royal Blue/Skyblue
  • Brand: MightyMicroCloth
  • ASIN: B00E5R728W
  • UPC: 794168564763

Crown ZC0023GY Antistatic Comfort-King Mat, Sponge, 24 x 36, Steel Gray

Crown ZC0023GY Antistatic Comfort-King Mat, Sponge, 24 x

Alleviate those concerns around sensitive test areas and equipment. Cord-grounded design provides maximum static dissipation to keep your office environment secure and safe. Pebble grain 3/8" thick sponge increases comfort and reduces the strain of standing for extended periods of time. Includes 10-ft. ground cord.

  • Color: Steel Gray
  • Brand: Crown
  • ASIN: B0011ENHDQ
  • UPC: 086000268206

Eyeglass Lens Cleaner- Camera Lens Cleaner- 2x 8ml Bottles- for Glasses, Sunglasses, Smartphones & Tablets -White- By OptiPlix

Eyeglass Lens Cleaner- Camera Lens Cleaner- 2x 8ml

KEEP YOUR EYEGLASSES LENS, SUNGLASSES, DVDS, FILM, CAMERA EQUIPMENT & MORE CLEAN WITH OPTIPLIX'S CLEANING SPRAY TODAY!Tired of looking for the perfect lens cleaning spray? Well OptiPlix has made an all in one cleaning spray that can be used on many surfaces. This 2 Pair Set of OptiPlix cleaner pen spray goes on without any streaks which allows for easy cleaning. This spray also has an anti-static feature which repels dust from your lenses and keeps your lenses cleaner longer. The eyeglass cleaner spray also comes in a uniquely designed bottle that resembles a pen--making it stylish, small, and extremely portable. Slip this "pen" cleaner spray into your pocket, handbag, and more without it taking up too much space. This OptiPlix eyeglass cleaning spray is engineered to thoroughly and gently clean prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, camera lenses & more without leaving a streak, smudge, dirt or fingerprint ! Our portable pen spray cleaners are also available in 6 different fashion colors--blue, green, maroon, orange, silver and white! This cleaning solution is 100% biodegradable, and does not contain ammonia, alcohols, sulfates, or phosphates.Ever versatile, with this cleaning spray you can clean: - Prescription eyeglasses- Reading glasses- Sunglasses- Sports glasses- Safety gogg...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: OptiPlix
  • ASIN: B01G7S1WVO
  • UPC: 752454342143

FO&OSOBEIT Fluffy Microfiber Delicate Duster Cleaning Brush Two Ends Keyboard Notebook Computer Oa Devices Telephone Car Picture Frames Perfume Bottles Kitchen Cat Hair Silk Plants Light Fixtures

FO&OSOBEIT Fluffy Microfiber Delicate Duster Cleaning Brush Two

1.Been using the disposable ones for the last few years but I hate the constant cost of buying replacements. This worked great for actually picking up the dust. More designed for smaller areas (like your computer) but can be used for whole house dusting. I love that once it gets dirty I can just run it under some water and rinse it off. Then with the hole on the end I can just hang it up to dry. 2.Very useful for keyboard and desk area at work.Good for cleaning dust off computer screen and the stiff brush end works to get debris out of the keyboard 3.MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Buy the best with confidence - love our products or get every penny back, it's that easy

  • Color: Fluffy
  • Brand: FO&OSOBEIT
  • ASIN: B075FM8TJD
  • UPC: 611745495749
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