Stochastic Dynamics of Complex Systems: From Glasses to Evolution (Complexity Science)

Stochastic Dynamics of Complex Systems: From Glasses to

Dynamical evolution over long time scales is a prominent feature of all the systems we intuitively think of as complex -- for example, ecosystems, the brain or the economy. In physics, the term ageing is used for this type of slow change, occurring over time scales much longer than the patience, or indeed the lifetime, of the observer. The main focus of this book is on the stochastic processes which cause ageing, and the surprising fact that the ageing dynamics of systems which are very different at the microscopic level can be treated in similar ways.The first part of this book provides the necessary mathematical and computational tools and the second part describes the intuition needed to deal with these systems. Some of the first few chapters have been covered in several other books, but the emphasis and selection of the topics reflect both the authors' interests and the overall theme of the book. The second part contains an introduction to the scientific literature and deals in some detail with the description of complex phenomena of a physical and biological nature, for example, disordered magnetic materials, superconductors and glasses, models of co-evolution in ecosystems and even of ant behaviour. These heterogeneous topics are all dealt with in detail using similar analy...

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Stochastic Systems: Estimation, Identification, and Adaptive Control (Classics in Applied Mathematics)

Stochastic Systems: Estimation, Identification, and Adaptive Control (Classics

Since its origins in the 1940s, the subject of decision making under uncertainty has grown into a diversified area with application in several branches of engineering and in those areas of the social sciences concerned with policy analysis and prescription. These approaches required a computing capacity too expensive for the time, until the ability to collect and process huge quantities of data engendered an explosion of work in the area. This book provides succinct and rigorous treatment of the foundations of stochastic control; a unified approach to filtering, estimation, prediction, and stochastic and adaptive control; and the conceptual framework necessary to understand current trends in stochastic control, data mining, machine learning, and robotics. Audience: This book is recommended for those who have been introduced to probability theory and stochastic processes and want to learn more about decision making under uncertainty. It can be used as a one- or two-semester course textbook for advanced undergrad or first-year graduate students. Contents: Chapter 1: Introduction; Chapter 2: State space models; Chapter 3: Properties of linear stochastic systems; Chapter 4: Controlled Markov chain model; Chapter 5: Input output models; Chapter 6: Dynamic programming; Chapter 7: Li...

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Stochastic Controls: Hamiltonian Systems and HJB Equations (Stochastic Modelling and Applied Probability)

Stochastic Controls: Hamiltonian Systems and HJB Equations (Stochastic

As is well known, Pontryagin's maximum principle and Bellman's dynamic programming are the two principal and most commonly used approaches in solving stochastic optimal control problems. * An interesting phenomenon one can observe from the literature is that these two approaches have been developed separately and independently. Since both methods are used to investigate the same problems, a natural question one will ask is the fol­ lowing: (Q) What is the relationship betwccn the maximum principlc and dy­ namic programming in stochastic optimal controls? There did exist some researches (prior to the 1980s) on the relationship between these two. Nevertheless, the results usually werestated in heuristic terms and proved under rather restrictive assumptions, which were not satisfied in most cases. In the statement of a Pontryagin-type maximum principle there is an adjoint equation, which is an ordinary differential equation (ODE) in the (finite-dimensional) deterministic case and a stochastic differential equation (SDE) in the stochastic case. The system consisting of the adjoint equa­ tion, the original state equation, and the maximum condition is referred to as an (extended) Hamiltonian system. On the other hand, in Bellman's dynamic programming, there is a partial differential...

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Max-Plus Linear Stochastic Systems and Perturbation Analysis (The International Series on Discrete Event Dynamic Systems)

Max-Plus Linear Stochastic Systems and Perturbation Analysis (The

This book provides a thorough review and explanation of the theory of stochastic max-plus linear systems, which has seen rapid advances in the last decade. The coverage includes modeling issues and stability theory for stochastic max-plus systems, perturbation analysis of max-plus systems, developing a calculus for differentiation of max-plus systems. This leads to numerical evaluations of performance indices of max-plus linear stochastic systems, such as the Lyapunov exponent or waiting times.

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Stochastic Modelling for Systems Biology, Third Edition (Chapman & Hall/CRC Mathematical and Computational Biology)

Stochastic Modelling for Systems Biology, Third Edition (Chapman

Since the first edition of Stochastic Modelling for Systems Biology, there have been many interesting developments in the use of "likelihood-free" methods of Bayesian inference for complex stochastic models. Having been thoroughly updated to reflect this, this third edition covers everything necessary for a good appreciation of stochastic kinetic modelling of biological networks in the systems biology context. New methods and applications are included in the book, and the use of R for practical illustration of the algorithms has been greatly extended. There is a brand new chapter on spatially extended systems, and the statistical inference chapter has also been extended with new methods, including approximate Bayesian computation (ABC). Stochastic Modelling for Systems Biology, Third Edition is now supplemented by an additional software library, written in Scala, described in a new appendix to the book. New in the Third Edition New chapter on spatially extended systems, covering the spatial Gillespie algorithm for reaction diffusion master equation models in 1- and 2-d, along with fast approximations based on the spatial chemical Langevin equation Significantly expanded chapter on inference for stochastic kinetic models from data, covering ABC, including ABC-SMC Updated R p...

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Stochastic Network Optimization with Application to Communication and Queueing Systems (Synthesis Lectures on Communication Networks)

Stochastic Network Optimization with Application to Communication and

This text presents a modern theory of analysis, control, and optimization for dynamic networks. Mathematical techniques of Lyapunov drift and Lyapunov optimization are developed and shown to enable constrained optimization of time averages in general stochastic systems. The focus is on communication and queueing systems, including wireless networks with time-varying channels, mobility, and randomly arriving traffic. A simple drift-plus-penalty framework is used to optimize time averages such as throughput, throughput-utility, power, and distortion. Explicit performance-delay tradeoffs are provided to illustrate the cost of approaching optimality. This theory is also applicable to problems in operations research and economics, where energy-efficient and profit-maximizing decisions must be made without knowing the future. Topics in the text include the following: - Queue stability theory - Backpressure, max-weight, and virtual queue methods - Primal-dual methods for non-convex stochastic utility maximization - Universal scheduling theory for arbitrary sample paths - Approximate and randomized scheduling theory - Optimization of renewal systems and Markov decision systems Detailed examples and numerous problem set questions are provided to reinforce the main concepts. Table of Conte...

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Modeling and Analysis of Stochastic Systems (Chapman & Hall/CRC Texts in Statistical Science)

Modeling and Analysis of Stochastic Systems (Chapman &

Building on the author’s more than 35 years of teaching experience, Modeling and Analysis of Stochastic Systems, Third Edition, covers the most important classes of stochastic processes used in the modeling of diverse systems. For each class of stochastic process, the text includes its definition, characterization, applications, transient and limiting behavior, first passage times, and cost/reward models. The third edition has been updated with several new applications, including the Google search algorithm in discrete time Markov chains, several examples from health care and finance in continuous time Markov chains, and square root staffing rule in Queuing models. More than 50 new exercises have been added to enhance its use as a course text or for self-study. The sequence of chapters and exercises has been maintained between editions, to enable those now teaching from the second edition to use the third edition. Rather than offer special tricks that work in specific problems, this book provides thorough coverage of general tools that enable the solution and analysis of stochastic models. After mastering the material in the text, readers will be well-equipped to build and analyze useful stochastic models for real-life situations.

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Stochastic Processes for Physicists: Understanding Noisy Systems

Stochastic Processes for Physicists: Understanding Noisy

Stochastic processes are an essential part of numerous branches of physics, as well as in biology, chemistry, and finance. This textbook provides a solid understanding of stochastic processes and stochastic calculus in physics, without the need for measure theory. In avoiding measure theory, this textbook gives readers the tools necessary to use stochastic methods in research with a minimum of mathematical background. Coverage of the more exotic Levy processes is included, as is a concise account of numerical methods for simulating stochastic systems driven by Gaussian noise. The book concludes with a non-technical introduction to the concepts and jargon of measure-theoretic probability theory. With over 70 exercises, this textbook is an easily accessible introduction to stochastic processes and their applications, as well as methods for numerical simulation, for graduate students and researchers in physics.

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Nonlinear Dynamics of Chaotic and Stochastic Systems: Tutorial and Modern Developments (Springer Series in Synergetics)

Nonlinear Dynamics of Chaotic and Stochastic Systems: Tutorial

We present an improved and enlarged version of our book Nonlinear - namics of Chaotic and Stochastic Systems published by Springer in 2002. Basically, the new edition of the book corresponds to its ?rst version. While preparingthiseditionwemadesomeclari?cationsinseveralsectionsandalso corrected the misprints noticed in some formulas. Besides, three new sections have been added to Chapter 2. They are “Statistical Properties of Dynamical Chaos,” “E?ects of Synchronization in Extended Self-Sustained Oscillatory Systems,” and “Synchronization in Living Systems.” The sections indicated re?ect the most interesting results obtained by the authors after publication of the ?rst edition. We hope that the new edition of the book will be of great interest for a widesectionofreaderswhoarealreadyspecialistsorthosewhoarebeginning research in the ?elds of nonlinear oscillation and wave theory, dynamical chaos, synchronization, and stochastic process theory. Saratov, Berlin, and St. Louis V.S. Anishchenko November 2006 A.B. Neiman T.E. Vadiavasova V.V. Astakhov L. Schimansky-Geier Preface to the First Edition Thisbookisdevotedtotheclassicalbackgroundandtocontemporaryresults on nonlinear dynamics of deterministic and stochastic systems. Considerable attentionisgiventothee?ectsofnoiseon...

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Stochastic Learning and Optimization: A Sensitivity-Based Approach (International Series on Discrete Event Dynamic Systems)

Stochastic Learning and Optimization: A Sensitivity-Based Approach (International

Performance optimization is vital in the design and operation of modern engineering systems, including communications, manufacturing, robotics, and logistics. Most engineering systems are too complicated to model, or the system parameters cannot be easily identified, so learning techniques have to be applied. This book provides a unified framework based on a sensitivity point of view. It also introduces new approaches and proposes new research topics within this sensitivity-based framework. This new perspective on a popular topic is presented by a well respected expert in the field.

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