Stretching Exercise Poster Laminated - Shows How to Stretch Specific Muscles for Your Workout - Home Gym Fitness Guide (20" x 30")

Stretching Exercise Poster Laminated - Shows How to

Increase Your Flexibility and be More Limber with our Stretching Exercise Poster Are certain positions difficult for you? Is bending over a pain? Do you work at a computer or are you on your phone all day? Do you struggle to do a deep squat or specific exercises and lifts? Are you unsure how to stretch out specific muscles? Our stretching exercise poster will show you the absolute best stretches to increase your flexibility and reach your goals. The stretching poster is specially designed to clearly show you how to execute the essential stretches to increase your range-of-motion and flexibility. Simply chose the area you wish to stretch from the 53 stretches and alternate to various stretches so you never get bored. This poster is endorsed by Certified Physical Trainers with over 15 years experience who have helped people achieve serious results. Why should I stretch? Well, if you think about it from a yogi point of view (Yoga involves a great deal of stretching), yoga was invented to allow a sage to meditate longer. Whether you meditate or not, being able to do anything longer without fatigue is desired by nearly everyone. Whether you wish to work longer, be able to do an over-head squat, not get tired sitting at your teenagers basketball game or be able to reach under the sink...

  • Color: Blue & Black
  • Brand: NewMe Fitness

321 STRONG Foam Massage Roller - Deep Tissue Massager For Your Muscles & Back, Black

321 STRONG Foam Massage Roller - Deep Tissue

foot massager plantar fasciitis roller massager foam rollers for muscles deep tissue massage foot massage therapy back roller foam roll leg massager foot roller trigger point foam roller myofascial release tools yoga roller for back roller deep tissue roller for legs leg roller body roller high density foam rollers trigger point massager leg roller for muscles feet massager finger massager roller muscle massager travel foam rollers running roller foam roller with ridges low density foam roller for back foam roller medium density foam roller rolling foam back roller massager small foam roller stretch roller foam massage roller travel foam roller muscle rollers yoga roller foam foller planter fasciitis foot massager for plantar fasciitis massager trigger point foam rollers yoga foam rollers planters fasciitis form roller it band roller form roller for muscles trigger point roller mini foam roller exercise foam roller exercise roller spiked roller message roller exercise roller deep tissue exercise roller foam reflexology massager jumbo foam rollers hamstring stretcher foot therapy trigger point therapy foot massages fome rollers body roller for muscle fascitis plantar fascitis fitness roller gym roller yoga roll back roll leg roller for runners excersize roller foam fitness roller ...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: 321 STRONG
  • ASIN: B016NE9A2A
  • UPC: 854806008063

Letsfit Resistance Loop Bands, Resistance Exercise Bands for Home Fitness, Crossfit, Stretching, Strength Training, Physical Therapy, Natural Latex Workout Bands, Pilates Flexbands,12" x 2"

Letsfit Resistance Loop Bands, Resistance Exercise Bands for

Letsfit resistance loop bands. Exercise bands for full-body workout! Comes with carrying bag and exercise instructions. These exercise bands are ideal for Yoga, Body Shaping, and Weight Loss - Home Gym Fitness Exercise- Sports- Injury Rehabilitation- Physical Therapy SPECIFICATIONS: Material: 100% Natural latex Strength and size: Green: X-Light (5-10lbs), 600 X 50 X 0.35mm (L X W X H) Blue: Light (10-15lbs), 600 X 50 X 0.5mm (L X W X H) Yellow: Medium (15-20lbs), 600 X 50 X 0.7mm (L X W X H) Red: Heavy (25-30lbs), 600 X 50 X 0.9mm (L X W X H) Black: X-Heavy (30-40lbs), 600 X 50 X 1.1mm (L X W X H)

  • Color: Black Blue Yellow Green Red
  • Brand: Letsfit
  • UPC: 722020040230

OPTP The Original Stretch Out Strap with Exercise Poster Top Choice of Physical Therapists & Athletic Trainers

OPTP The Original Stretch Out Strap with Exercise

Perform deep solo stretching exercises for greater flexibility with the original, patented OPTP Stretch Out Strap.The strap delivers the benefits of assisted stretching without a partner. Multiple loops permit deep, gradual stretching with greater safety, control and effectiveness than is possible unaided.Durable woven strap measures approximately 6'4" in length.Includes exercise poster that measures 16"W x 21"L with 20 contract-relax stretches for promoting flexibility throughout the body.Poster is conveniently rolled into a tube and packaged with Stretch Out Strap inside.UPC: 040232158643

  • Brand: OPTP
  • ASIN: B01LXWS98E
  • UPC: 040232158643

UPOWEX Resistance Bands Set - Include 5 Stackable Exercise Bands with Carry Bag, Door Anchor Attachment, Legs Ankle Straps & Bonus eBook - 100% Life Time Guarantee (Resistance Band)

UPOWEX Resistance Bands Set - Include 5 Stackable

Supercharge Your Workouts With Resistance Band Training Five color-coded professional gym quality rubber tube bands can be used alone or stacked in any combination up to a maximum equivalent of 150 lbs of resistance. Each band is 1.2m long and is clearly marked with its equivalent weight - a feature you won’t see on most exercise bands sold elsewhere. Set includes: Yellow band = 10 lbs Blue band = 20 lbs Green band = 30 lbs Black band = 40 lbs Red band = 50 lbs 1 x Waterproof carry bag 1 x Door anchor 2 x cushioned handles 2 x ankle straps Plus, Bonus eBook Included: Resistance Band Training Guide eBook (eBook will be delivered via email) The Most Versatile Exercise Equipment You'll Ever Own Strong rubber bands provide consistent resistance for every movement and give you enough flexibility to do hundreds of different exercises from beginner level through advanced. Virtually guarantees you'll never grow bored of your workouts. The included guides will help you in varying your routines and adding new exercises to challenge yourself to grow past your initial comfort levels. 100% Lifetime Guarantee U-POWEX Resistance Bands are built to last with high-quality materials and an attention to detail and safety that exceeds market standards. Should your bands ever break, we’ll ...

  • Color: Red, Black, Green, Blue, Yellow
  • Brand: UPOWEX
  • ASIN: B078JFSN9Z
  • UPC: 698253304299

UPOWEX Resistance Bands - Set of 5 - Exercise Bands for Booty, Crossfit, Stretching, Strength Training, Physical Therapy, Home Fitness, Legs and Butt - Workout Bands with 100% Life Time Guarantee

UPOWEX Resistance Bands - Set of 5 -

Take Your Training To The Next Level!Are you ready to upgrade your training by introducing your body to the indisputable benefits of resistance training?Well, if you’re searching for quality workout bands for long-lasting and reliable use, look no further. You’ve found them!Presenting Our Set Of 5 Exercise Bands – Varying Resistance For Your Fitness Needs!These resistance bands come in a set of 5 and each one provides more and more resistance from green being the lightest and black being the heaviest.Whether you are a seasoned athlete or just a beginner experimenting with fitness bands, these bands will prove their usefulness, no matter what!Plus, they come with a handy carrying case so that you take them with you everywhere you go.Endless Uses & BenefitsOur exercise bands are perfect for any kind of workout program and can be easily integrated with every rehab exercise or routine.Suitable for bodybuilding, powerlifting, CrossFit or general workouts, they’ll prove to be your best friend in the gym.Outside the gym, they can be particularly helpful for prehab and rehab when it comes to any injury including, leg, knee or back injuries.In fact, physiotherapists use these bands as a staple in their practice to get their athletes to recover and return to their competitive sport...

  • Color: Green/Blue/Yellow/Red/Black
  • Brand: UPOWEX
  • ASIN: B07P4N4KGY
  • UPC: 746160073330

WOOSL Resistance Bands Legs Butt, Exercise Bands Resistance Band Hip Bands Wide Booty Bands Workout Bands Sports Fitness Bands Stretch Resistance Loops Band Anti Slip Elastic (2019 Upgrade)

WOOSL Resistance Bands Legs Butt, Exercise Bands Resistance

2019 Upgrade Resistance Bands to Shape the Best Choice for Perfect Body!! When You Realize the Peach Hips of Your Dreams, Resistance Bands help you achieve! ★ Exercise bands exalt the hip and modify the legs, shape a beautiful figure and relieve the pressure and fatigue effectively. ★ Is ideal for warming up and stretching the Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings, Hip, Abs. ★ The material for this hip resistance bands is extremely durable and high quality, Soft fabric booty bands will NOT slide or roll up during workouts. ❤ exercise bands Perfect for exercises and rehabilitation: - Sports - Fitness / Gym Workouts - Injury rehabilitation - Body shaping weight loss - Physical therapy - Home workouts ❤ Three Sizes: small (12.6 inch) medium (14.6 inch) large (16.5 inch) ❤ Make a Great Gift —— Buy hip exercise bands for yourself and one for your friend, workout partner or spouse! ❤ 3 Year Warranty and As Gift: if booty bands does not suit you for any reason, please contact us, we will give you a full refund or new replacement. KEYWORD: resistance bands legs and butt exercise bands booty bands workout band resistance band wide stretch.

  • Color: pink
  • Brand: WOOSL
  • ASIN: B07H7QT6BN
  • UPC: 637673230801

AmazonBasics High-Density Round Exercise Therapy Foam Roller - 36 Inches, Black

AmazonBasics High-Density Round Exercise Therapy Foam Roller -

An Amazon Brand.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: AmazonBasics
  • UPC: 841710107371

UPOWEX Pull Up Assist Bands - Set of 4 - Heavy Duty Resistance Bands - Mobility and Powerlifting Exercise Bands - Perfect for Body Stretching, Powerlifting and Resistance Training

UPOWEX Pull Up Assist Bands - Set of

Pull Up Assist Bands – Set of 4 – Heavy Duty Resistance Bands – Mobility and Powerlifting Exercise Bands – Perfect for Body Stretching, Powerlifting and Resistance Training

  • Color: Red, Black, Purple, Green
  • Brand: UPOWEX
  • UPC: 663585915451

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands with Instruction Guide, Carry Bag, EBook and Online Workout Videos, Set of 5

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands with Instruction

#1 Best Resistance Bands - 5 Loop Fitness Bands Set - Exercise Resistance Loop Bands - Exercise Bands For Legs And Arms - Carry BagAre you ready for the most versatile, results producing workout bands on the market? These bands are ideal for - Sports - Fitness - Injury rehabilitation - body shaping - weight loss - physical therapy Our bands are the best among others. Why? First, our bands are made of highest quality 100% genuine eco-friendly latex (not rubber bands which are much cheaper and tend to break easily). They are stronger and able to stretch further. You will feel the same resistance after a dozen reps. These bands are free of non-natural materials such as Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) - TPE materials cost 40% less, are not gentle to skin and much less durable. Second, our bands are comfortable, soft and easy on the skin. The only way to achieve that is to let the latex rest for a long time in tightly controlled circumstances such as temperature and humidity before making the bands. Both of these involve a higher investment for us but we think it's worth it to create a better product. What makes our resistance bands special?These bands are rigorously tested to be snap, stretch and sweat resistant.You get 5 resistance bands set and you can combine multiple band...

  • Color: Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Black
  • Brand: Fit Simplify
  • UPC: 642709994527

Limm Resistance Bands Exercise Loops - 12-inch Workout Flexbands for Physical Therapy, Rehab, Stretching, Home Fitness and More - Includes Bonus EBooks, Instruction Manual, Online Videos & Carry Bag

Limm Resistance Bands Exercise Loops - 12-inch Workout

Resistance Bands Exercise Loops - Set of 5, 12-inch Workout Flexbands for Home Fitness, Stretching, Physical Therapy and More - Includes Bonus eBook, Instruction Manual, Online Videos & Carry Bag

  • Color: Yellow,Green,Blue,Red,Black
  • Brand: Limm
  • ASIN: B0136PR5TO
  • UPC: 784672615563

Tribe 11PC Premium Resistance Bands Set, Workout Bands - with Door Anchor, Handles and Ankle Straps - Stackable Up To 105 lbs - For Resistance Training, Physical Therapy, Home Workouts, Yoga, Pilates

Tribe 11PC Premium Resistance Bands Set, Workout Bands

-TRIBE ATHLETIC SERIES PREMIUM WORKOUT BANDS KIT - Includes 5 color-coded resistant tube bands, 48 inches in length and stackable. Comes with 2 cushioned handles, 1 door anchor, 2 ankle straps, a waterproof carry bag & a 30-page comprehensive exercise eBook. -STOP GOING TO THE GYM! Our exercise bands were designed using ideal resistance levels to help you maximize your workouts at home! Used alone or stacked in any combination to achieve your optimal resistance level. -BUILD YOUR BEST arms, shoulders, butt and booty for men and women! Work hard and don't worry, our bands will never snap! -SOFTEST, STRONGEST and MOST DURABLE handles of any resistance bands set! Made with fiber-reinforced unbreakable polymer and ballistic Nylon straps. Most competitors use cheap plastic and single webbed Nylon! -100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! If you are not satisfied for any reason, we will refund you fully! Just contact us! Support a USA company and let us take great care of you!

  • Color: STANDARD Pro Series - 12 pcs (105 lbs)
  • Brand: Tribe
  • ASIN: B01IL6A0I6

Spartan Tape Kinesiology Tape - Incredible Support for Pro Athletic Kt Sports and Recovery - Free Kinesio Taping Guide! - Rocktape Breast Waterproof Tex Rock Boob Bra Gold Lift Tapes - Uncut (Beige)

Spartan Tape Kinesiology Tape - Incredible Support for

SPARTAN TAPE Kinesiology Tape lets you enjoy freedom from pain again! SPARTAN TAPE special kt tape benefits: reduce pain, provide relief lets you enjoy and protects sports activities avoided by your painful injury like adhesive bandage brace. Reduces recovery time after injuries by reducing inflammation, decompressing the affected area and increasing kinesio blood circulation. This Medical elastic tape stretch your muscles to get back to neutral shape easily. Spartan ktt kttape physical therapeutic therapist choice kinetic fp wave band provides kinesthetic kinesiotape tex gold protection. Jump, squat, rock, run tape flex with you. Swim, sweat, shower, moisture this tape is waterproof. SPARTAN TAPE Kinesio Tape is safe, hypoallergenic and latex free. High quality cotton lets your skin breathe and will not irritate it. The kinesiology physiotherapy taping guide helps you tape your body correctly. SPARTAN TAPE Kinesiology Tape is perfect for young and old, professionals and amateurs, pregnant women, gym lifters, pregnancy, ANYONE with active lifestyle! SPARTAN TAPE is perfect for Hiking, Running, Cycling, Mountain Biking, CrossFit, Martial Arts, Yoga, Golf, Tennis, Boxing, Weight Lifting, Swimming, Athletics Well... Any sport! SPARTAN TAPE flesh colored Kinesiology Tape will help yo...

  • Color: A) Desert Beige + FREE Taping Guide
  • Brand: Spartan Tape
  • ASIN: B0197JCDGI
  • UPC: 741296630044

Back Stretching Device,Back Massager for Bed & Chair & Car,Multi-Level Lumbar Support Stretcher Spinal, Lower and Upper Muscle Pain Relief(Black/Blue)

Back Stretching Device,Back Massager for Bed & Chair

The Magic Back Support is a small lightweight multi-level back stretching devise that helps you relax and immediately relieves back pain due to tight muscles, excessive flexion, and poor spinal alignment. Just lie down and relax for five minutes twice a day. The Magic Back Support is recommended and used by Physicians, Chiropractors, and Professional Athletes,Acupuncture,stretcher spinal,and muscle pain relief.

  • Color: Black/Blue
  • Brand: Magic Back Support
  • UPC: 724500189286

Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board - Exercise Balance Stability Trainer 15.75 inch Diameter - Black - ²DB6FZ

Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board - Exercise Balance

GREAT ADDITION TO YOUR FITNESS ROUTINESYes4All Balance Board fits all ages and fitness levels. It is a great choice for anyone who wants to improve their core strength, stability, functionality, and sense of balance for better sport performance. Using balance board can engage and train stabilizing muscles of your back, abdominal, hips, legs and ankles thus help to reduce back pain, improve posture, leg strength and ankle range of motion. Great to use after leg, knee, angle injury and surgery to boost the rehabilitation and reduce the risk of re-injuries. FITNESS NON-SLIP WOODEN BALANCE BOARD (15. 75-INCH DIAMETER) High quality board with the non-skid surface prevents slipping or falling out of the board. You can easily stand on the board barefoot, but shoes with anti-slip soles help provide even better grip. Perform side-to-side, front-to-back, stretch & circular drills. Also, balance board adds more challenges to your workout, which helps you to increase your balance, functionality and visual sense. When you master all the skills, you can try practicing balance board with your eyes closed. Portable and lightweight board that is easy to take when traveling. Great for commercial rehabilitation centers, gyms, professional athletes and individual use SPECIFICATIONS Diameter: 15. 75...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Yes4All
  • UPC: 616320918057

Massage Ball - Spiky for Deep Tissue Back Massage, Foot Massager, Plantar Fasciitis & All Over Body Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy - Your Compact Muscle Roller

Massage Ball - Spiky for Deep Tissue Back

WANT TO EXPERIENCE COMPLETE DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE RELIEF? Introducing the Master of Muscle Spiky Massage Ball - The perfect tool for effective massage and muscle soreness relief. Grab a ball today to release tight muscles from around your butt, hamstrings, quads, feet, neck and back.Highly recommended for the treatment of Plantar Fasciitis. WHY USE THE SPIKY MASSAGE BALL?- Help With plantar fasciitis, sore muscles, warming up before exercise and for use post exercises and workouts.- Perfect to roll away deep muscle knots and tight muscle areas using your own body weight and increases circulation throughout the entire body. - Ultra firmness and trigger point massage effect on all areas of the body Superior quality and the ideal firmness levels, perfect for anyone to use GET YOUR MASSAGE IN ANYWHERE: Easily portable for home and away travel and on the go massage. WORRY FREE! The Mauler Ball has been intensively tested and assessed by Elite Athletics and approved for high performance and durability. We're so sure you'll love it that we offer a 100% no-questions-asked replacement or refund warranty. Try it today, risk-free, and experience unbeatable foot and deep tissue massage from the best massage ball on the market!. SO ORDER NOW - And when you do, consider getting one for you...

  • Brand: Master of Muscle
  • UPC: 636225546582

INTEY Pull up Assist Band Exercise Resistance Bands for Workout Body Stretch Powerlifting Set of 4

INTEY Pull up Assist Band Exercise Resistance Bands

INTEY Pull up Assist Band Exercise Resistance Bands for Workout Body Stretch Powerlifting Set of 4

  • Color: Set of 4 Bands
  • Brand: INTEY
  • ASIN: B07226JDDD
  • UPC: 708445635435

The Original Stretch Out Strap with Exercise Book by OPTP - Top Choice of Physical Therapists & Athletic Trainers

The Original Stretch Out Strap with Exercise Book

The Original Stretch Out Strap With Exercise Book By Optp – Top Choice Of Physical Therapists & Athletic Trainers

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: OPTP
  • ASIN: B00065X222
  • UPC: 802700187841

TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller with Free Online Instructional Videos, Original (13-Inch), Black

TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller with Free Online Instructional

TriggerPoint GRID foam rollers feature a patented design that offers a multi-density exterior constructed over a rigid, hollow core for superior effectiveness and durability. The GRID’s sturdy construction withstands repeated use while maintaining shape and integrity. Unlike traditional foam rollers, the distinctive, multi-dimensional surface of the GRID replicates the feeling of a massage therapist’s hands to help channel blood, improve oxygen flow, and heal tissue. TriggerPoint GRID Foam Rollers can prepare the body for peak performance by helping users recover from injuries, relieving muscle and joint pain, and improving circulation, flexibility, balance and mobility.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Trigger Point Performance
  • ASIN: B0040EGNIU
  • UPC: 705548256130

REEHUT Yoga Wheel - 12.6" x 5" Strong Premium Back Roller and Stretcher with Thick Cushion for Dharma Yoga Pose, Backbend & Stretching - (Black)

REEHUT Yoga Wheel - 12.6" x 5" Strong

Benefits of Using Reehut Yoga Wheel: Perform advanced backbends and handstands. Strengthen your core, toning your body.? Stretch and open your back, chest, shoulders, abdomen and hip flexors. Improve balance and spine alignment. Deepening stretches and increasing flexibility. ??Melt away stress and muscle tension. ??Add an extra challenge to numerous dharma yoga poses. Tips: You can also use the wheel to access deeper variations of backbends in? poses and should be practiced with caution and experience - please be safe! Do yourself a favor: Roll on it, lie on it, breathe on it, relax on it,? think of the yoga wheel as yoga blocks times 10 to optimally open your shoulders. The yoga wheel will open the sides of your body and create all sorts of space? to move. Simply kneel next to the wheel, drape your side over it, and be prepared to lengthen. Lie on the wheel whichever way feels best and take lots of deep breaths. Reaching? for your toes is completely optional!

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: REEHUT
  • ASIN: B01N6KY909

Peach Bands | Premium Matte Resistance Loop Bands | Pink Set of 4 with Carrying Bag | Exercise Fitness Booty Bands for Legs and Glutes | Physical Therapy, Stretch, Elastic, Strength, Home Workout

Peach Bands | Premium Matte Resistance Loop Bands

Find us on social media @peachbands to join our growing community of strong women. Follow and tag us to be featured to our thousands of followers! About Peach Bands Peach Bands produces premium exercise equipment for women by women. We vigorously test our products for quality with a focus on beautiful design to give you the results you want. At Peach Bands, our mission is to give you the tools to inspire confidence, build strength and meet your fitness goals while providing an exceptional experience along the way. Build your Best Booty with Peach Bands! Your resistance band set includes: A sleek and compact pink carrying bag 4 Resistance bands with increasing levels Light (10-12 lbs) Medium (15-20 lb) Heavy (20-25 lbs) X-Heavy (30-35 lbs)

  • Color: Pink
  • Brand: Peach Bands Fitness
  • UPC: 627843904243

Kieba Massage Lacrosse Balls for Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Muscle Knots, and Yoga Therapy. Set of 2 Firm Balls (Blue and Red)

Kieba Massage Lacrosse Balls for Myofascial Release, Trigger

Experience the ultimate personal massage tool with the Kieba Trigger Point Therapy Massage Lacrosse Balls. Roll away knots and tension in your back, shoulders, neck, hips, arms, legs, buttocks, thighs, and feet. Perfect for all areas of the body. The solid rubber construction is designed for many benefits: - Trigger Point Therapy - Myofascial Release - Relieves Muscle Knots and Tight Muscles - Recovery and Rejuvenation of Sore Muscles - Relieves Stress and Tension - Alleviates Cramps and Kinks - Generates Blood Flow and Increases Flexibility - Perfect for Yoga Therapeutics

  • Color: Blue and Red
  • Brand: Kieba
  • ASIN: B017V7UKW2
  • UPC: 697111692172

CANWAY Pull Up Bands - Set of 4 - Resistance Bands - Premium Latex Loop Stretch Workout/Exercise Band Mobility & Powerlifting Assist Bands for Body Fitness Training (Set of 4 Bands)

CANWAY Pull Up Bands - Set of 4

Pull-ups are one of the MOST EFFECTIVE exercises for building upper-body strength and muscle mass.  The Canway 4 Levels Pull Up Assist Band gives you the ability to focus on the correct form. Target the muscle groups that you want to work out and gradually build up your strength.Even Great for physical therapy rehabilitation (REHAB BANDS).  Extra Durable Top Rated Elastic Bands of 4 Provide 4 professional levels. It’s perfect for Body Stretching Training Heavy Duty Resistance & Mobility. Suitable for men and women, even for kids, professional and amateur alike to use at home, saving the expensive gym member fee. Specification Red: 2080 x 13 x 4.5 mm/81.9 x 0.5 x 0.2 inch/110 g/3.9 oz/15-35 lbs Black: 2080 x 22 x 4.5 mm/81.9 x 0.9 x 0.2 inch/190 g / 6.7 oz/25-65 lbs Purple: 2080 x 32 x 4.5 mm/81.9 x 1.3 x 0.2 inch 280 g/9.9 oz/35-85 lbs Green: 2080 x 44 x 4.5 mm/81.9 x 1.7 x 0.2 inch/390 g /138 oz /50-125 lbs Choosing a proper band Choosing bands depends on how strong you are currently in your lats&biceps and what your current body-weight is.  The thicker your pull up band, the more weight it takes off you, and the easier the assisted pull ups you do with it are.  The weaker and heavier you are right now, the thicker your band will have to be to compensate.  Convenient and ...

  • Color: Set of 4 Bands
  • Brand: CANWAY
  • ASIN: B076FZ6LYZ
  • UPC: 606280964058

Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Unlock Your Hip

  • Brand:
  • ASIN: B073ZY7GK9
  • UPC: 039853204822

YOFIT Foot Stretcher, Foot Rocker (Navy)

YOFIT Foot Stretcher, Foot Rocker

YOFIT Foot Stretcher, Foot Rocker YOFIT Foot Rocker was developed to help you relieve lower body pain quickly, safely, and easily with a rocking stretch.This one-size-fits-all rocker is designed to position your foot optimally, so that you can work and stretch the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of your foot and lower leg by simply following the foot rocker's three, 30-second stretches.This simple device was developed to provide an effective way to relieve the lower body pain associated with plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, ankle strain, arch pain, and other chronic conditions. The Foot Stretching Device lets you gently stretch the muscles in your feet and legs to ease discomfort and pain.The increased flexibility and range of motion along the entire inter-connective chain helps relieve and strengthen tight calf muscles, Achilles tendons, Plantar Fascia, and foot muscles. Product Features: Provides heel pain relief by stretching your foot in the proper position Relieves the pain associated with plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, ankle strain, arch pain, and other chronic conditions Effectively stretch your lower body to relieve pain Provides the ideal angle for effective stretching and foot alignment Strong and lightweight enabling it to easily be taken to the gy...

  • Color: Navy
  • Brand: YOFIT
  • ASIN: B01M72IX86
  • UPC: 747150096100

WOD Nation Muscle Floss Bands Recovery Band for Tack and Flossing Sore Muscles and Increasing Mobility - Stretch Band Includes Carrying Case (1 Black & 1 Red)

WOD Nation Muscle Floss Bands Recovery Band for

If you're an athlete then you're very aware of how much muscle soreness affects your performance. You've likely tried all sorts of massage tools like foam rollers or massage balls. You may have even gone to get expensive massages or even more expensive physical therapy. While all of those methods have some advantages, nothing will get to the heart of the issue as fast and effectively as WOD Nation muscle floss.This tool has become a staple in the arsenal of top sports therapists for a reason and now you can get some for yourself. Why do therapists and top athletes love it so much?? It only takes a few minutes a day to apply and the effect is nothing short of amazing. Have a shoulder, knee, ankle, elbow or wrist that's been bothering you for weeks? Wrap it in WOD Nation muscle floss and do a few full range of motion exercises every day for a week and you'll be amazed at the results. We believe you'll love it so much that if you use it regularly for 60 days and don't see results, just send it back for a full refund. No questions asked!. The only thing you have to lose is your muscle soreness.

  • Color: 1 Black & 1 Red
  • Brand: WOD Nation
  • ASIN: B00YE4J63K
  • UPC: 709112707424

TheraBand Resistance Bands Set, Professional Non-Latex Elastic Band for Upper & Lower Body Exercise, Strength Training Without Weights

TheraBand Resistance Bands Set, Professional Non-Latex Elastic Band

TheraBand Non-Latex Resistance Bands are a great tool for strengthening muscles, increasing range of motion in joints, and stretching for increased flexibility. This product is multifaceted and can be used for a variety of body maintenance activities including glute strengthening, hip flexibility, foot mobility and more. And because it is not made with natural rubber latex, it’s an ideal option for users with latex sensitivities. Use this beginner level set after surgery, rehabilitation, and physical therapy. The TheraBand color progression, trusted by physical therapists and other professionals, allows you to measure and track your progress, allowing you to get the most out of your exercise.

  • Color: Yellow/Red/Green - Beginner Set
  • Brand: TheraBand
  • ASIN: B01A58FHQ8
  • UPC: 087453130744

Laneco Kinesiology Tape (19.7ft Uncut Per Roll), Latex Free Physio Tape, Breathable, Water Resistant Sports Tape for Muscles & Joints, Pain Relief and Injury Recovery, Free Taping Guide

Laneco Kinesiology Tape (19.7ft Uncut Per Roll), Latex

Choose Laneco Kinesiology tape Sports Tape To Boost Your Performance How it works Laneco kinesiology sports tape is a revolutionary new way to treat common injuries, can offer muscle support joints, tendon related aches, pains and relax muscles, increase the range of motion of the joints and promote blood circulation, and most importantly, relieve pain. Common injuries including ankle sprains, runners knee, lower back pain, hamstring strains, carpal tunnel, wrist pain, neck strains, calf strains, shoulder pain. Advantages 1) Ready-to-use uncut 19.7 ft. roll 2) Easy to Apply. Just round off the tape edges to avoid frays. 3) Strong Adhesion, Breathable, Comfortable to use. 4) Water-resistant, designed to withstand humidity, sweat, tears, and even in shower. 5) Pain relief and support. Laneco elastic athletic tape helps you reduce pain and boost your performance. Specifications: 1) Made of moisture-wicking fabric (95% Cotton, 5% Nylon) 2) Dimension: 2 in x 19.7 ft (5cm x 6m). Package: 1 - 4 Rolls x Laneco Athletic Sports Tape Uncut 1 x Instruction booklet 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: 30 DAYS MONEY BACK WARRANTY We take responsibilities for orders from Laneco. Don't hesitate to contact us if there are any problems and we'd be happy to help. Email us at [email protected]

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Laneco
  • ASIN: B07R51NB5P
  • UPC: 644824791333

Your Choice Resistance Bands for Legs and Butt Exercise Bands Work Out Bands Stretch Bands, 12 x 2 Inch Set of 4

Your Choice Resistance Bands for Legs and Butt

What are the benefits of using resistance bands? These bands are ideal for fitness, Injury rehabilitation, body shaping, weight loss and physical therapy. These bands can help you build lean muscle or shed off that excess body fat and improving your flexibility as well as strengthening muscles, also can assist in injury rehabilitation. These bands are so lightweight that you can be easily transported to use wherever you like.How to use resistance bands? These bands can be used for upper body, core as well as lower body exercises, such as squats, lunges, knee raises, half jacks, full jacks and more.Why choose us resistance bands? Our bands are made from natural latex material, (not rubber bands which are much cheaper and tend to break easily) which is kind to the environment. You get 4 varying resistance levels bands set. Through market research to design their thickness and length, so them suitable for different height. This makes them perfect whether you are just starting to workout or a seasoned workout warrior. They are sweat resistant and durable, will not fade and not corroded because of sweat. Which can be stretched repeatedly year after year. According to the power of most male and female are different, our bands are have two style - male and female for you to choose.Packa...

  • Color: C4 Classics Series (13-45lb)
  • Brand: Your Choice
  • UPC: 799695345120

CanDo PE White Foam Roller, Full-Skin, Half-Round, 6" x 36"

CanDo PE White Foam Roller, Full-Skin, Half-Round, 6"

CanDo Polyethylene White Full-Skin Foam Rollers are economical, versatile and easy to use. These half round rollers have a textured surface or "skin" on both the round and flat surface. This provides protection and stability to the roller, preventing it from warping or bowing in the future. Prevent future muscle injury by using these rollers to enhance your balance, improve core strength, and increase flexibility. These foam cylinders are perfect for positioning, balance, muscle posture re-education, spinal stabilization, and other strengthening and range of motion exercises. They are great to use for physical therapy, yoga, exercising, stretching, or resting. Half round rollers are a great tool for ankle stretching and knee rehabilitation. You can also use them as a rocker board by standing on its flat side to improve your balance. The CanDo Polyethylene White Full Skin Foam Rollers are available in 36" and 12" lengths and a 6" diameter with a half-round (semi-circular) profile. The diameter refers to the width of the half-round profile. The foam is strong enough to be used by large adults and active children. These rollers are perfect for all body types from beginners, to professional athletes. They can be used alone or with other exercisers such as CanDo exercise bands, tubin...

  • Color: white
  • Brand: Cando
  • ASIN: B006LN7XAK
  • UPC: 714905034410

Stretching Strap with Loops for Physical Therapy, Yoga, Exercise and Flexibility - Non Elastic Fitness Stretch Band + Exercise Instructions & Carry Bag by CTRL Sports

Stretching Strap with Loops for Physical Therapy, Yoga,

With a new design developed by physical therapists the Premium Stretching Strap with 10 or 12 loops helps you to improve your lifestyle and overall fitness level by increasing the flexibility in the most comfortable and convenient way. The stretching exercises keep your body in a good shape and prepare you for daily challenges. Every body part is important, so let the therapist stretch strap to help you for all of them: feet, ankles, calves, hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, hip adductors, piriformis, trapezius, chest, shoulders, and neck. Yoga stretching strap does more than burn calories and tone muscles. Yoga is a total mind-body workout that combines strengthening andstretching poses with deep breathing and meditation or relaxation. The stretching guide includes a couple of exercises you can do in order to start improve your flexibility, range of motion and your posture. There are a lot of reasons why everyone should stretch, whether you are a boxer, a ballet dancer, physical therapy patient, yoga beginner or either just caring about your health. The exercises with therapy strap with loops can be performed everywhere you need: at home, at the office during a little time out, in the park, at gym during your training and so on. Key features of your new CTRLSports Stre...

  • Brand: CTRL Sports
  • ASIN: B076MSZZ9L
  • UPC: 601557850485

Bend and Stretch: Learning About Your Bones and Muscles (The Amazing Body)

Bend and Stretch: Learning About Your Bones and

An introduction to the different muscles and bones in the human body and how they function.

  • Brand: Picture Window Books
  • ASIN: 1404805079

SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer Warm-Up Stick, 48 Inch

SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer Warm-Up Stick,

The SKLZ Gold Flex Trainer is the ideal tool to perfect your swing so you can get the score you want, every time you step onto the course. Use it when or warming up before a game and get a low-impact stretch for easier mobility. With a weighted head made of durable polyurethane, and a flexible fiberglass shaft, you’ll build muscle and power with every swing. Work the fundamental core golf muscles, and tone your obliques as you gain muscle memory. Let your perfect swing become more of a habit, and less of a practice. Simply swing this training aid while learning lag and elimination of early release. Available in either 40” or 48" in length with a 2.5 lb. head, this flexible weighted trainer encourages a flatter swing plane and forces the downswing to be initiated by the lower body, helping to reduce slices. The 48” is recommended for individuals 5’6” or taller, or those who are stronger and more advanced in their golf game. The 40” length is ideal for those who are under 5’6” or who are at a beginner or intermediate level. Made of high quality, durable materials, you can feel confident that you will be able to use the SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Trainer for years to come. Investing in high quality sports equipment and training tools, means you’re investing in your athlet...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: SKLZ
  • ASIN: B0053C3WDC
  • UPC: 724195523334

Exerscribe Personal Percussion Massage Gun - VYBE Handheld Deep Muscle Massager

Exerscribe Personal Percussion Massage Gun - VYBE Handheld

This is NOT a silent massager because it's very powerful. If you're looking for the quietest and weakest massage gun, this is NOT for you. This massager also has a hard ball. If you are sensitive to hard pressure (like deep tissue massages), this is not the ideal massager for you. But if you're looking for the best self recovery tool, you're in the right place. One of the best things about the hand held Vybe massager is its versatility. This massager tool is not only great for relieving chronic sore muscles, working out a difficult muscle knot, and workout recovery, but also to relieve achy legs, back, neck and shoulder from sitting for extended periods while at work or traveling. Many customers love it to loosen up the muscles for a deeper stretch before doing yoga or gymnastics. Each trigger point you release will be thanking you!

  • Brand: Exerscribe
  • UPC: 784099898013

Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table, Back Pain Relief Kit, FDA-Registered (EP-560)

Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table, Back Pain Relief

The Teeter EP-560 LTD. sets the standard in comfort with patented wrap-around Ankle Cups for a supportive fit. Included Acupressure Nodes and Lumbar Bridge for trigger-point release and added traction of the lower back for even more relief! Comfortrak bed with Hand Gips optimizes stretch with smooth surface and flexible, countered shape. Teeter precision rotation gives you complete rotational control with just simple arm movements for easy return upright! Experience the Teeter Difference. Teeter is the only inversion table FDA-Cleared to treat back pain, herniated disc, sciatica and more! With a 35-year legacy and unmatched quality, Teeter Inversion Tables offer a 5-year full warranty, hassle-free assembly, precision engineering and third-party safety certification verified by a UL listed label. Teeter Inversion Tables consistently outperform the competition for endurance and rotational control with patented security features and heat-treated steel parts that ensure security and durability. Trust Teeter for a Better Back, Better Body.

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Teeter
  • ASIN: B0084FD94C
  • UPC: 759265030030

Stretching Exercise Poster Now Laminated - Shows How to Stretch Specific Muscles for Your Workout - Flexibility Exercises - Stretching Routine - Home/Gym Fitness 19" X27"

Stretching Exercise Poster Now Laminated - Shows How

Stretching is as important as exercise, and for some of us, it is even more important. Keeping your body flexible is a sure way to keep your muscles and joint healthy and preventing injury. Our stretching exercise poster shows you exactly how to stretch specific muscles to increase your flexibility and become more limber. If there are a certain positions or movements you find difficult performing, like bending over to tie your shoes or lifting your arms over your head, this flexibility exercise poster is what you need. Do you work at a computer or are you on your phone all day? Do you struggle to do a deep squat, specific exercise or lift weights? Are you unsure how to stretch specific muscles? Our stretching exercise poster will show you the absolute best stretches to increase your flexibility and reach your goals. This stretching poster is specially designed to clearly show you how to execute the essential stretches to increase your range-of-motion, mobility and flexibility. Simply choose the area you wish to stretch from the 25 stretches and pick several to perform. There is a wide range of stretches, so you will never get bored. This poster is endorsed by Certified Physical Trainers with over 15 years of experience helping people just like you achieve serious results. Our Str...

  • Brand: Fitwirr
  • ASIN: B01DQ08JA8
  • UPC: 683318552364

POWERLIX Compression Knee Sleeve - Best Knee Brace for Men & Women - Knee Support for Running, Crossfit, Basketball, Weightlifting, Gym, Workout, Sports etc. - for Best FIT Check Sizing Chart

POWERLIX Compression Knee Sleeve - Best Knee Brace

PowerLix INTRODUCING THE NEW GENERATION OF 2017 IN KNEE BRACES PowerLix has taken the time to develop a specialized fabric blend with 4 way stretch capability, offering all around superior protection and support above and beyond what you've experienced before! The breathable fabric, absorbs sweat quickly and keeps your feet dry and odor free, allowing you hours of continuous use! FEATURES OF OUR UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY: ✔ 4-way compression sleeve ergonomically designed for full range of motion and full protection. ✔ Special fabric gives you a smooth and soft touch feel all day and all night long! ✔ Significant pain relief from a variety of ailments including plantar fasciitis, arthritis, sprains, swelling, tendonitis, muscle fatigue, and other Knee pain. ✔ Special knitted technical design that matching different joints. ✔ High Performance fabric keeps an optimal joint temperature ✔ Improves blood circulation for fast recovery ✔ minimizes injury offers optimal muscle support between workouts and during casual everyday activities ✔Eliminates bad odors & High absorption capacity ✔ Designed to Increase your performance while ensuring you're a step ahead in injury prevention! Take a look at our sizing chart, and pick the best one for you. Best of all, even if you don't pic...

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: POWERLIX
  • ASIN: B01NBMVZ67
  • UPC: 709586878491

TheraBand Kinesiology Tape, Waterproof Physio Tape for Pain Relief, Muscle & Joint Support, Standard Roll with XactStretch Application Indicators, 2 Inch x 16.4 Foot Roll, Beige/Beige

TheraBand Kinesiology Tape, Waterproof Physio Tape for Pain

You’ve probably seen kinesiology tape, even if you didn’t know what it was. Often colored, strips of kinesiology tape are visible on swimmers, volleyball players, runners, basketball players, football players, soccer players, and others. Kinesiology tape is worn by athletes at all levels including the Olympics, the NFL, the NBA, the NCAA, and high school.In addition to its wide use in elite sports, kinesiology tape is also effective for everyday activities and can help people work, play, and reduce pain. Common application areas are neck, shoulder, lower back, knee, ankle, and foot.Research has proven kinesiology tape to be effective at reducing pain and supporting painful muscles and joints during activity. The most important difference between kinesiology tape and standard athletic tape is flexibility. Kinesiology tape provides support and pain relief to body parts without immobilizing them or limiting their range of motion. In fact, by providing pain relief and support, it may help you move better.New TheraBand Kinesiology Tape has two critical advantages over other kinesiology tapes. Because the application of kinesiology tape requires a measured amount of stretch, the exclusive TheraBand XactStretch visual elongations indicators are a breakthrough in ease of use and prop...

  • Color: Beige/Beige
  • Brand: TheraBand
  • UPC: 087453127454

Foot Rocker. Durable Calf Stretcher Device for Achillies Tendonitis. Improve Plantar Fasciitis, Calf Flexibility, Ankle Mobility. Feet and Shin Splint Relief. Great for Physical Therapy, Athletes, Phy

Foot Rocker. Durable Calf Stretcher Device for Achillies

No More Ankle, Calf Or Foot Pain!Whether you're an athlete, a runner or simply someone whose calves are too tight from prolonged standing or working, we've got exactly what you need to relieve your pain.And the best part is that you don't need to go to the gym to do it. You can do it rightfrom the comfort of your own home! Stretch Your Calves Without Any WorriesStep on this calf stretching device and worry not about slip or fall accidents! This balance board has a nonslip surface that won't allow you to slip, no matter what shoes you wear...or don't wear!There is also a rubber anti-slip surface on the bottom, which contrary to similar stretchers on the market, will keep the board in place in order to avoid damaging your floors.Take It Anywhere With YouPrevent and treat calf pain by properly using this tool at least once a day or a few times a week. It's lightweight and compact enough to take it with you at the office or at work and use during your breaks, especially if your calves tend to get particularly tight.Used By Physiotherapists & Podiatrists Around The WorldThe Natural Chemistree calf stretching tool is used to stretch the lower leg muscles easier and more effectively than other bodyweight techniques. 7200+ Orders Completed#1 RatedAmazon Service On Fiverr Since 2015Click ...

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Natural Chemistree
  • ASIN: B0745B5CTN

WODFitters Stretch Resistance Pull Up Assist Band with eGuide, #1 Red- 10 to 35 Pounds (1/2 "4.5mm)

WODFitters Stretch Resistance Pull Up Assist Band with

Exclusive WODFitters Assisted Pull-Up Resistance Bands for Cross Training and Power-Lifting (Single Band -NOT ENTIRE SET ) Are you working on your pull ups? Getting started on muscle ups and ring dips? Try using WODFitters assisted pull-up /resistance bands. These resistance bands add that extra bit of resistance to your workout that not only forces your body to perform better but ultimately provides lasting results. These bands are perfect for men and women learning pull ups, chin ups, ring dips and muscle ups. They are ideal to develop muscle memory and get you to do those kipping pull ups and strict pull ups in no time. They can also be used for a challenging power-lifting session. These bands are made of quality material. Continuous layers of tough rubber add a level of resilience and sturdiness that makes these bands outlast any rival. They won't break on excess stress and won't be easily deformed. There are 5 bands, each with different resistance and power levels. Please select the band that best fits your fitness level and needs. Check out our band recommendation chart in the images. The thicker the band, the most assistance it gives for pull ups, chins ups, bar muscle ups and ring dips. As your skills improve, you can go to less and less resistance. If used for po...

  • Color: #1 Red- 10 to 35 Pounds (1/2 " *4.5mm)
  • Brand: WODFitters
  • ASIN: B00IQM3W9K
  • UPC: 793936160688
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