Fender Pure Vintage Amplifier Accessory

Fender Pure Vintage Amplifier

14 inch tilt-back amp legs kit

  • Brand: Fender
  • ASIN: B003QIHMN6
  • UPC: 717669505738

Fender Pure Vintage 19-Inch Large Amplifier Tilt Back Legs 2

Fender Pure Vintage 19-Inch Large Amplifier Tilt Back

19" Large Tilt Back Legs (2). Used on Concert, '65 Super Reverb amplifiers.

  • Brand: Fender
  • ASIN: B0002KZLPM
  • UPC: 717669449346

Fender Pure Vintage 16-Inch Medium Amplifier Tilt Back Legs 2

Fender Pure Vintage 16-Inch Medium Amplifier Tilt Back

16" Medium Tilt Back Legs (2)

  • Brand: Fender
  • ASIN: B000B4123Y
  • UPC: 717669449339

AmpLegs Screwless Tilt Back Legs

AmpLegs Screwless Tilt Back

AmpLegs - Screwless Tilt Back Legs ­ It's like having a built-in ultralight a­mp stand! The AmpLegs patented design allows you f­ast and easy adjustable tilt back of you­r combo amp or cab, so you no longer nee­d to drill into your amp for tilt legs or haul around ­a bulky amp stand! Simply push down release lever to unloc­k and extend the spring actuated legs, t­hen tip it on back. THAT'S IT! The AmpLegs system was designed to allow­ stable integrated tilt-back support at ­various angles for open-back and closed-­back guitar combo amps and cabs. The AmpLegs system consists of 2­ preassembled spring actuated legs (size­s available are XS, S, M, L and­ XL) and two heavey duty dual-l­ock fasteners. The AmpLegs attach to rea­r of amplifier or speaker cabinet via th­e supplied dual-locking fasteners, which­ are 3x stronger than your typical hook ­and loop style Velcro and provide a stab­le, secure connection to your amp. The A­mpLegs also employ a spring tension actu­ator tab that when pushed down, extend t­he leg for tilt back support and when pu­lled to up position, allow leg to retrac­t back into a flush locked position when­ transporting your amp. One of the unique features of the AmpLeg­s tilt back system is the easy installat­ion method itself, whi...

  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: AmpLegs
  • ASIN: B01LZ8K9EX
  • UPC: 645080998733

Fender Mini Tonemaster Battery Powered Electric Guitar Amp

Fender Mini Tonemaster Battery Powered Electric Guitar

This miniaturized version of the Tonemaster boasts glorious tone for its size, along with authentic looks to match. This portable mini amp features classic details reminiscent of the original Tone-Master, from metal amp corners to vintage-style brown grille cloth and white knobs. One 9 volt battery or DC 'wall wart' adapter required to power up.

  • Brand: Fender Mini Amps
  • UPC: 133587596090


Introducing a brand new product like nothing you have ever seen before. Tilt-a-Speaker was designed with the simple idea that most guitar amps and cabinets direct their sound at ground level. By simply putting an angled adapter between your speaker and baffle board inside your amp or speaker cabinet you can now direct the sound towards your ears where it always should have been. This very simple design solves the problems of tilting your amp back or putting it up on a stand or milk crate just to hear it. It installs easily in most amps and cabinets with 12 inch speakers and keeps them flat on the floor where they were designed to sound their best. Tilt-A-Speaker installs easily in most rear loaded speaker cabinets and many combo amps with 12 inch speakers. Since we can't test it out in every single amp and cabinet ever made we can help you to figure out if it will work in your amp or cab. You will need approximately 2 1/4 inches of clearance to install the Tilt-A-Speaker. Look inside the back to see if there are any components that may not allow the speaker to be tilted back, sideways or whatever angle you plan on installing it in. Look for transformers, tubes, large or low hanging amp chassis, protruding handles, etc. Provided you don't have any of these issues you should be abl...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Sonic Sound Products
  • ASIN: B077SH1NVV
  • UPC: 040232081651

Fender '65 Twin Reverb 85-Watt 2x12-Inch Guitar Combo Amp

Fender '65 Twin Reverb 85-Watt 2x12-Inch Guitar Combo

This amp has seen action in every imaginable venue and remains indispensable to this day. Be it rock, jazz, country or anything else, this is what a clean electric guitar sounds like - or add an upside-down Stratocaster® guitar and a fuzz box ... The 85-watt (at 4 ohms) reissue ’65 Twin Reverb® features four 6L6 Groove Tubes® output tubes, four 12AX7 preamp tubes, two 12AT7 preamp tubes, two 12” 8-ohm Jensen® C-12K speakers, dual channels (normal and vibrato), Fender® reverb, vibrato, two-button reverb and vibrato on-off footswitch, tilt-back legs, black textured vinyl covering and silver grille cloth.

  • Color: black
  • Brand: Fender
  • ASIN: B0002E3GLY
  • UPC: 717669051730

Proline PL7000 Adjustable Amp Stand Black

Proline PL7000 Adjustable Amp Stand

While you're playing, the all-steel PL7000 amp stand has a slight back tilt and 5 height settings to give you the right angle for monitoring your performance. It has cam-shaped leveling feet for uneven floors, locking leg braces, safety pins for the rubber padded upper supports, and can safely support up to 150lb. amps. The Proline PL-AS adjustable amp stand is a rugged, all-steel stand designed to hold guitar amplifiers at the perfect height for stage use or in rehearsal or recording studios. A slight back-tilt aims your amp up toward your ears so that it can be heard clearly at lower volumes. With 5 height settings from 16" to 24", the PL-AS amp stand also minimizes vibrations passed through wooden stages and floors, extending your amp's life. Cam-shaped leveling feet help to stabilize the ProLine amp stand on uneven floors and provide a non-slip grip. Locking leg braces and safety pins for the upper supports give this amplifier stand the strength to safely hold up to 150lb. Finally, the upper amp supports have rubber pads to protect your amplifier's covering and to minimize vibrations. When you're done, the entire amp stand breaks down into 3 pieces. The upper supports are hinged to collapse for easy transport. The ProLine PL-AS Adjustable Amp Stand's durable powder coat finis...

  • Brand: PROLINE
  • ASIN: B002EOYBK0
  • UPC: 656238010887

EVH 5150 III 2 x 12" Straight Cabinet - Black

EVH 5150 III 2 x 12" Straight Cabinet

You know you want those classic EVH tones. Who doesn't? Now you can get them without the back breaking half stack. The EVH 5150 III 2 x 12" straight cabinet is loaded with Celestion speakers for classic rock tones. This cab is half of a half stack! How cool is that? Dial in those tight, focused EVH tones with your 5150 III 50W Head, and knock the audience dead! There is a built-in head-mounting mechanism to piggyback your amp head on the cab. You can even use the tilt-back legs and the head will stay in place. Get big guitar tones in a compact cabinet with the EVH 5150 III 2 x 12" straight cabinet!

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: EVH
  • UPC: 885978247912

Quilter Labs Frontliner 2x8w 2x8 Modular Speaker Cabinet

Quilter Labs Frontliner 2x8w 2x8 Modular Speaker

Frontliner 2x8w 2x8 Modular Speaker Cabinet. Introducing the most advanced guitar amplification system available for the guitarist of today. The Frontliner 2x8W allows you to mount any Quilter "Block" style amplifier in the rear mounted docking bay, turning it into a powerful grab and go 200 watt combo. Pick it up with one hand, walk onstage and easily outperform cumbersome 4x12 rigs! Traditional bulky guitar combos have narrow dispersion patterns and cranking them up leaves the audience in pain and the sound man angry. Tilt back legs or stands help but kill bass response and don't eliminate comb filtering from unwanted reflections. The Quilter Frontliner 2x8W's 20-degree speaker angle and ultra wide dispersion aim your tone where you need it instead of blasting the front row. The closed back cuts down on unwanted reflections making your sound more controlled and focused. Not your average guitar cabinet, the Frontliner 2x8W is constructed from durable plywood that is mysteriously lighter than anything you can find at your local hardware store. No expense was spared in crafting the ultimate professional solution. Easily locate and retain your amplifier with two rapid release thumbscrews instantly converting your Frontliner 2x8W into a 30 pound, high powered combo!

  • Brand: Quilter Labs
  • UPC: 854710003659
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