Tying Dry Flies: How to Tie and Fish Must-Have Trout Patterns

Tying Dry Flies: How to Tie and Fish

26 essential patternsTraditional flies plus new groundbreaking patternsLie-flat binding--perfect format for fly tiersThis book of practical fly design is for every tier, from beginner to expert. Tying Dry Flies presents traditional techniques and innovative patterns along with clear and concise instructions and photographs for flies that will work for all kinds of insects in all kinds of situations. It's time to spruce up your fly box with these essential trout patterns:Quigley CrippleFoam Beetle Hairwing Dun Humpy Turck Tarantula Quill Gordon Adams Parachute Adams Barr's Vis-A-Dun CDC Comparadun Trico SpinnerAnd many more!

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Essential Trout Flies: 50 Indispensable Patterns with Step-by-Step Instructions for 300 Most Useful Variations

Essential Trout Flies: 50 Indispensable Patterns with Step-by-Step

If you fly fish, you need flies. Which ones to choose for taking trout? Here are the 50 proven, go-to patterns that every trout fly fisher should carry to catch trout almost all the time, anywhere in the world of trout streams and still waters. From the hundreds of trout patterns available to today’s fly fisher, Hughes—in quintessential minimalist style—cuts through the complicated choices and gives a basic selection of essential trout flies that fit in a fly box or two and cover the broad spectrum of trout fishing conditions. This new edition—with 1/3 new material, 20 additional patterns, and 300 variations—addresses the changes in fly preference over the last 15 years with some old patterns dropped for new styles tied with new materials and tying techniques.

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Tying Dry Flies: The Complete Dry Fly Instruction and Pattern Manual

Tying Dry Flies: The Complete Dry Fly Instruction

Though not always easy, of the many fly fishing methods, dry-fly fishing is the easiest. This full-color book offers dry-fly fishing tips, entomology, historical information, plus shows you how to tie the world's most popular dry-flies with over 850 step-by-step color photos. Through 26 demonstration patterns you will learn how to tie the most effective dry-flies with speed, ease, and effiency.

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Tying Catskill-Style Dry Flies

Tying Catskill-Style Dry

The Catskills region of the eastern United States, just two hours northeast of New York City, was the birthplace of a uniquely American style of fly that continues to grace the bins of fly shops around the world.Mike Valla explores the essence of Catskill flies, delving into the history of the region's rivers, fly fishers, and fly tiers and blending their colorful histories with precise step-by-step tying methods. He compares the styles of all of the Catskill school of fly tiers and shares color photos of never-before-seen flies from the vaults of the Catskill Fly Fishing Museum as well as detailed tying steps for 11 Catskill-style fly patterns.This book is essential for those not only interested in learning to tie the Catskill-style flies, but also those interested in the history of American fly fishing.

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The Orvis Fly-Tying Guide

The Orvis Fly-Tying

This essential book on fly tying will teach anyone how to tie flies. All the important techniques are illustrated with color photographs, from starting the thread on the hook to whip finishing. The book lays the basic ground work by fully explaining simple tying techniques, and then progresses to detailed tying instructions for some of the most popular, modern patterns. How to choose and prepare the correct material, and all the necessary tying steps for each fly, are detailed in superb, large, color photographs.Even if you have no previous tying experience, you'll be able to tie dries, nymphs, streamers, saltwater offerings, and bass bugs after just a few sessions with this book. The tier is then advised how to progress to similar patterns using the same basic techniques. Also included is a huge reference of fly patterns--more than four hundred flies from the Orvis catalog are shown in full color, along with their tying recipes and proportions for each one. This book, calling on the Orvis Company's vast resources and teaching experience and written by an author whose name is synonymous with Orvis, is sure to become the bible for fly tyers of all skill levels.

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Essential Trout Flies: Step-by-step tying instructions for 31 indispensable pattern styles and their most useful variations (Step-By-Step Tying Instructions for 31 Indispensible Pattern)

Essential Trout Flies: Step-by-step tying instructions for 31

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The Fly-Tying Bible: 100 Deadly Trout and Salmon Flies in Step-by-Step Photographs

The Fly-Tying Bible: 100 Deadly Trout and Salmon

Avid sport fishermen will treasure this book—which is nearly as beautiful as the objects it describes. Fly-tying is a highly prized fisherman’s craft, but it’s also an art form, wonderfully captured in this volume’s hundreds of color photos. Each of 100 fly patterns is presented in a two-page spread: an enlarged photo and textual description on the left-hand page, complemented with a set of step-by-step, clearly captioned photos on the facing page. In addition, fishing enthusiasts will find sections on fly-tying tools and materials plus general instructions for getting started. The author, a well-known fly-tier and sport fisherman gives instructions on making traditional trout and salmon flies—all of them fish catchers of proven effectiveness in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Examples vary in complexity, with patterns to fit every skill level from novice to expert fly-tier. Here are dry flies, nymphs and bugs, wet flies, streamers, and hairwings—a virtually complete selection of traditional and up-to-date examples of the art. The book’s hidden spiral binding keeps its pages opened flat, which makes it ideal for reference at the workbench. More than 600 color photos.

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The Complete Book of Fly Tying

The Complete Book of Fly

Here is a book for fly tiers, beginners and experts alike, that provides foolproof directions for tying all types of flies. Unlike specialized books on tying that describe particular types or styles of flies, this book covers them all—both freshwater and saltwater. Dry flies for trout, streamers for tarpon, hair bugs for bass—you will find them all here. In this comprehensive classic, Eric Leiser teaches the basic methods for tying standard dries, hair dries, parachute dries, hackleless flies, wets, nymphs, streamers, Jassids and other terrestrials, bucktails and Muddlers, Spuddlers and Matukas, and many more.Included are basic instructions for tying the various types and styles of flies as well as patterns for the most important flies in each category. Step-by-step illustrations by master tier Dave Whitlock and photographs by Gus Nevros give visual reinforcement to Leiser’s immensely helpful discussion of tools, materials, and their characteristic behaviors during the process of tying. Whether you’re a seasoned tier looking for specific advice on how to master the complexities of tying with deer hair, or you’re brand-new to the craft and just want the fundamentals, this book is a complete education.Skyhorse Publishing is proud to publish a broad range of books for fisher...

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Fusion Fly Tying: Steelhead, Salmon, and Trout Flies of the Synthetic Era

Fusion Fly Tying: Steelhead, Salmon, and Trout Flies

Thorough and complete how-to guide for fusion fly tyingShares essential techniques with clear instructionsWritten by Greg Senyo, an expert on tying your own flies Do you want to learn more efficient and effective methods for fusion fly tying? Are you wondering which types of synthetic fly work best for which fish and where? If so, this guide is for you. Fusion Fly Tying highlights 35 of Senyo’s signature and tried-and-true steelhead flies used throughout North America. They are suitable for many types of fish, including Atlantic salmon, bass, and trout. Fusion Fish Tying includes step-by-step and high resolution photography that is current and easily applied. Over the past seven years, Greg Senyo built a massive customer base with his company Steelhead Alley Outfitters. The supply of Steelhead Alley Outfitter’s resources doesn’t quite match the demand. To address this, Senyo wrote Fusion Fly Tying. This book will teach the reader how to work with synthetic materials, especially shanks, fish skulls and fish masks, heavy wire, new age flash, and synthetic hackles and hair. It smoothly combines classic techniques with modern technology to make fishing more enjoyable and efficient. Skyhorse Publishing is proud to publish a broad range of books for fishermen. Our books for an...

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A Modern Dry-Fly Code

A Modern Dry-Fly

Merging a poetic reverence for the art of fly fishing with a wealth of practical information and technical advice, Vincent Marinaro's, A Modern Dry-Fly Code is the classic guide to dry-fly fishing. Originally written in 1950 as the sport was languishing for lack of innovation, this book helped bring about a fly-fishing renaissance on riverbanks across America. An ideal book for readers who share Marinaro's deep reverence for the fisherman's connection to the unspoiled natural world, A Modern Dry-Fly Code will have you yearning for the sound of running brook water, eager to try some of the author's legendary fly patterns, casting techniques, and scouting tips. The product of a lifetime of experience wading in the waters of the Letort, Big Spring, and other south Pennsylvania streams, A Modern Dry-Fly Code significantly changed the way American anglers think about dry-fly fishing. In addition to detailed information on matching hatches, trout behavior and biology, and where and when to cast which types of flies, Marinaro introduces several ideas of his own invention based on the results of his many experimental outings. Among the revolutionary ideas set forth in this book are Marinaro's 'minutiae', miniscule flies designed to imitate the dozens of tiny insects that swarm over the s...

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BugWater: A fly fisher's look through the seasons at bugs in their aquatic habitat and the fish that eat them

BugWater: A fly fisher's look through the seasons

Bugwater is that soggy place inhabited by creepy, crawly, hopping, flying, wriggling creatures we call, if imprecisely, bugs. Organized around the seasons, BugWater follows the bugs and the trout through their life cycles from spring through winter. Thomason's stunningly striking photos and fascinating narratives show off the bugs up close, in amazing detail. With the author's insights as both a scientist and fly fisher and his expertise as a photographer, this book delivers solid content all fly fisher's can learn from.Covers all popular trout foods--mayflies, caddis, stoneflies, midges Startling, spectacular photos of the bugs up close

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The Art of Tying the Dry Fly

The Art of Tying the Dry

This is the finest book ever published on how to tie dry-flies, featuring over 400 clear, color photos demonstrating all the techniques and materials you need, plus clear, concise tying instructions from display-fly tier Skip Morris. Contains the information you need to tie the very best 100 dry-flies -- a dry-fly for virtually ANY stream. Printed on bright, glossy paper, large format which stays open easily.

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Fly-Fishing Soft-Hackles: Nymphs, Emergers, and Dry Flies

Fly-Fishing Soft-Hackles: Nymphs, Emergers, and Dry

A thorough exploration of contemporary use of soft-hackle flies--including nymphs, emergers, and dry flies--that pushes the boundaries of how these types of flies can be used. Covers tying techniques, strategy, and presentation and features over 500 soft-hackled flies with color photos and recipes. Learn how to imitate a full spectrum of trout stream aquatic lifeforms with soft-hackled flies.

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101 Favorite Dry Flies: History, Tying Tips, and Fishing Strategies

101 Favorite Dry Flies: History, Tying Tips, and

101 Favorite Dry Flies is the latest from acclaimed writer David Klausmeyer. Whether you are a beginner seeking a comprehensible fishing guide or an experienced tyer yearning for the newest and most effective techniques, this book has it all. Each fly is wonderfully captured with its own clear photos and complete set of instructions. Not only does Klausmeyer highlight insightful tips and fishing strategies on specific flies, but he also offers historical key notes pertaining to that pattern.Divided into four essential parts—Matching the Hatch, The Overlooked Flies, Important Terrestrials, and Attractive Patterns—this book covers each with thorough analysis. Included within are numerous images of materials and tying tools. Learn to master the classic patterns, but also discover the latest flies with suggested commercial fly-tying gear from Umpqua Feather Merchants or Rainy’s Flies. Detailed text is provided for imitative flies, containing explicit hatching information depending on the season and location.In 101 Favorite Dry Flies, Klausmeyer teaches the fundamentals as well as innovative methods on how to properly excel in fishing. Fly-tying is a highly esteemed fisherman’s craft, but also an art form. Avid sport fisherman will treasure this book and gain an even more sens...

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Guide to Fly Fishing Knots: A Basic Streamside Guide for Fly Fishing Knots, Tippets, and Leader Formulas

Guide to Fly Fishing Knots: A Basic Streamside

This book is helpful, instructive, easy to understand, and will help you bring more of your catch to the net. Larry includes: parts of your line; IGFA line test; tippet to fly size chart; knot-tying tips; terminology; knot applications; and of course, step-by-step instruction for joining lines, lines to flies, loop knots, dropper knots, and yarn indicator knots. Also included are basic fresh- and saltwater leaders and trout and panfish leaders. Twenty different knots are covered with concise text and simple, clear illustrations showing each step. These knots offer a solid base for your knot-tying arsenal. So whether you fish salt water or fresh, this pocket-size book is perfect for your vest, boat, car, or tube.

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The Book of Fly Patterns: Over 1,000 Patterns for the Construction of Artificial Flies

The Book of Fly Patterns: Over 1,000 Patterns


Catching Shadows: Tying Flies for the Toughest Fish and Strategies for Fishing Them

Catching Shadows: Tying Flies for the Toughest Fish

Noted commercial tier Rich Strolis shares his most effective patterns as well as the inspiration behind them to help anglers develop their own flies. Features dry flies, emergers, nymphs, and streamers for all seasons.Features 20 favorite custom flies, including the Rock Candy Larva, the Headbanger Sculpin, and the Shucked Up Emerger, as well as multiple variations for each patternLearn how to fine-tune your own flies and tie patterns for any situationCovers a wide variety of tying materials, from the newest synthetics to traditional natural materials

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Fly Tying For Beginners: How to Tie 50 Failsafe Flies

Fly Tying For Beginners: How to Tie 50

Any angler who takes up the art of fly tying will discover an added dimension to the wonderful sport of fly fishing. This profusely illustrated instruction book shows beginners how to craft 50 professional-looking flies for trout and salmon fishing. Each fly-tying project consists of step-by-step instructions accompanied by close-up photos of the work in progress and a large photo of the finished fly. Beginners will learn how to make dry flies, wet flies, bugs, nymphs, hairwings, and streamers. They'll also get advice on which flies are best for catching which variety of fish. Author Peter Gathercole is the ideal fly-tying instructor, offering a thorough grounding in the core techniques required for fly tying, while assuming no previous knowledge on the reader's part. As he instructs, he also demonstrates that with good guidance and a little practice, every angler can tie a fly that is good enough to fool a fish. More than 500 color photos.

  • Brand: Peter Gathercole
  • ASIN: 0764158457

Tying Dry Flies in the Catskill Tradition, Volume 1 featuring David Brandt (Fly tying Tutorial DVD)

Tying Dry Flies in the Catskill Tradition, Volume

  • ASIN: B0087K9TKW

Fleye Design: Techniques, Insights, Patterns

Fleye Design: Techniques, Insights,

In the twelve years since his landmark book Pop Fleyes, Bob Popovics has continued to develop new fly patterns and improve old favorites. His new book includes 36 step-by-step tying and technique tutorials, over 12 new patterns, and numerous variations for every situation, plus contributions from a new generation of fly tiers who have been influenced by his signature style.Includes the Bucktail Deceiver, the Hollow Fleye, and other new patterns that have greatly influenced saltwater tying in the past ten yearsImproves on old favorites, including a full update for the Surf CandyFeatures contributions from well-known tiers such as Steve Farrar, Dave Skok, Johnny King, David Nelson, Paul Dixon, and Nick Curcione

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