The Forgotten Squadron: The 449th Fighter Squadron in World War II - Flying P-38s with the Flying Tigers, 14th Air Force

The Forgotten Squadron: The 449th Fighter Squadron in

The men of the 449th Fighter Squadron called themselves the "forgotten squadron." Despite serving to great effect as the only P-38 fighter squadron with the Flying Tigers in China, the 449th received little press or praise during or after the war. Ironically, the unit participated in the 14th Air Force's greatest missions, including the daring Thanksgiving Day raid on Taiwan, "accidentally" shooting down one of the top-ranking Japanese generals in China, and even supporting Ho Chi Minh against the Japanese in Indochina. Having spread its wings from Taiwan to the Salween Front, the 449th is the perfect case study to investigate Major General Claire Lee Chennault's air war over China in World War II.

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Pacific Counterblow: The 11th Bombardment Group and the 67th Fighter Squadron in the Battle for Guadalcanal (Wings at War Series) (Volume 3)

Pacific Counterblow: The 11th Bombardment Group and the

Pacific Counterblow tells the story of the Battle for Guadalcanal (1942), focusing on the operations of the 11th Bombardment Group and the 67th Fighter Squadron. Months after the devastation of Pearl Harbor, U.S. forces had crushed the Japanese fleet at Midway and then moved to seize the initiative. AAF commanders in the Pacific sought to prevent the enemy from severing Australia's supply lines. So the B-17s of the 11th Bomb Group and the P-39s and P-400s of the 67th Fighter Squadron, flying from makeshift bases at Espiritu Santo and Henderson Field, began grueling attacks on Japanese shipping between Rabaul, New Britain and the Solomon Islands. After several months of bitter fighting, American forces gained control of Guadalcanal, positioning them to swing forward beyond Rabaul to New Guinea.

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The Blond Knight of Germany: A biography of Erich Hartmann

The Blond Knight of Germany: A biography of

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The Last Fighter Pilot: The True Story of the Final Combat Mission of World War II

The Last Fighter Pilot: The True Story of

*A NATIONAL BESTSELLER!*The New York Post calls The Last Fighter Pilot a "must-read" book.From April to August of 1945, Captain Jerry Yellin and a small group of fellow fighter pilots flew dangerous bombing and strafe missions out of Iwo Jima over Japan. Even days after America dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima on August 6 and Nagasaki on August 9, the pilots continued to fly. Though Japan had suffered unimaginable devastation, the emperor still refused to surrender. Bestselling author Don Brown (Treason) sits down with Yelllin, now ninety-three years old, to tell the incredible true story of the final combat mission of World War II. Nine days after Hiroshima, on the morning of August 14th, Yellin and his wingman 1st Lieutenant Phillip Schlamberg took off from Iwo Jima to bomb Tokyo. By the time Yellin returned to Iwo Jima, the war was officially over—but his young friend Schlamberg would never get to hear the news. The Last Fighter Pilot is a harrowing first-person account of war from one of America's last living World War II veterans.

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The 5th Air Force

The 5th Air

The 5th US Army Air Force was officially created on 5 February 1942 in the urgency following the Japanese surprise attack at Pearl Harbor. At the outset, with limited means and equipped with obsolete materiel, its various units were tasked with defending Australia. Commanded by the charismatic Major-General George Kenney, it was progressively reinforced by new squadrons arriving from the United States. Better armed, the 5th Air Force fought in the long and ferocious New-Guinea campaign and took part in the allied conquest of various south west Pacific islands.Its tally of kills at the end of the war is indicative of its performance, with notably an un-equalled record of more than 3,400 aerial victories and the presence within its ranks of the two greatest American aces of all time, Majors Bong and McGuire.This massively illustrated book is the first real reference published on the colors and markings of the 5th Airforce.

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Spitfire!: The Full Story of a Unique Battle of Britain Fighter Squadron

Spitfire!: The Full Story of a Unique Battle

As a child, Dilip Sarkar was fascinated by the haunting image of an anonymous RAF Spitfire pilot. Taken minutes after landing from a Battle of Britain combat, this was Squadron Leader Brian Lane DFC, the commander of 19 Squadron, based at Fowlmere – and author of the stirring firsthand account Spitfire! The Experiences of a Fighter Pilot, published under the pseudonym B.J. Ellan. Deeply moving was the discovery that in 1942 Brian was reported missing after a futile nuisance raid over the Dutch coast.During the mid-1980s, Dilip began researching the life and times of both Brian Lane and 19 Squadron, forging close friendships with many of the unit’s surviving Battle of Britain pilots and support staff. This enabled identification of the wartime censor’s blanks regarding people and places in Brian’s book, and the publication in 1990 of Dilip’s first ever book, Spitfire Squadron: 19 Squadron at War 1939-41.Nearly thirty years later, sadly all of the survivors are now deceased, but Dilip’s close relationship has provided a huge archive of correspondence and interviews in addition to a unique photographic collection. Furthermore, the author, a retired police detective, has thoroughly investigated the life – and death – of Squadron Leader Lane.This completely new Spitfir...

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Daron Postage Stamp PS5602 USAF F-35 Version A F-35 Lightning II USAF 1/144 Scale Diecast Model with Stand

Daron Postage Stamp PS5602 USAF F-35 Version A

F-35 lightning II USAF af08-0747 first in service (1: 144) Model is approximately 4 1/8 inches long with 2 7/8 inch wingspan. The f-35 variant a is a conventional take-off and landing (ctol) variant of Lockheed Martin's joint strike fighter program. The f-35 is a stealth multi-role fighter aircraft used by the US Air Force and Allied forces. It is the smallest, lightest version and is designed to replace both the F-16 fighting Falcon and A-1 Thunderbolt IIa in the USAF fleet. The f-35 is a fifth-generation fighter, combining advanced stealth capabilities with fighter aircraft speed and agility. The f-35 is armed with a variety of weapons and can carry an impressive 18, 000 pound payload on six external pylons and two internal bays. july 2011 the 58th fighter Squadron of the 33Rd fighter wing at the f-35 integrated training Center, eglin AFB, fl received the first two f-35 planes.the U.S. Air Force declared the f-35 basic combat ready in August 2016.

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Sherman Lead: Flying the F-4D Phantom II in Vietnam

Sherman Lead: Flying the F-4D Phantom II in

Sherman Lead is the gripping story of a year flying the F-4 Phantom in combat during the Vietnam War, told through the eyes of a US Air Force fighter pilot. Operating out of Ubon Royal Thai Air Base, Thailand in 1968–69, Gail Peck and his squadronmates were tasked with flying combat missions into North Vietnam and Laos at this time as part of Operations Rolling Thunder and Steel Tiger. The F-4 was heavily involved in the air-to-ground mission at this time, with targets being well defended by enemy anti-aircraft artillery and surface-to-air missiles. Gail Peck's arrival in-theater coincided with the beginning of electro-optical and laser guided "smart" bomb combat operations. There were periods of fierce combat interspersed with lulls and the fighting was intense and unforgettable to those who participated. Some men lived through it, and others died without a clear understanding of why.Written by a pilot who flew near-daily combat missions, this engrossing book is the story of one man, his colleagues, and his machine--the mighty F-4 Phantom--at war.

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Takes of Marine Mammals Incidental to Specified Activities - U.S. Air Force 86 Fighter Weapons Squadron Conducting Long Range Strike Weapons System ... Regulation) (NOAA) (2018 Edition)

Takes of Marine Mammals Incidental to Specified Activities

The Law Library presents the complete text of the Takes of Marine Mammals Incidental to Specified Activities - U.S. Air Force 86 Fighter Weapons Squadron Conducting Long Range Strike Weapons System (US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Regulation) (NOAA) (2018 Edition).Updated as of May 29, 2018Upon application from the U.S. Air Force (USAF) 86 Fighter Weapons Squadron (hereinafter referred to as 86 FWS), NMFS is issuing regulations under the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) for the taking of marine mammals incidental to Long Range Strike (LRS) Weapons System Evaluation Program (WSEP) exercises on the Barking Sands Underwater Range Expansion (BSURE) of the Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF) off Kauai, Hawaii. These regulations allow NMFS to issue a Letter of Authorization (LOA) for the incidental take of marine mammals during the USAF 86 FWS's specified activities carried out during the rule's period of effectiveness, set forth the permissible methods of taking, set forth other means of effecting the least practicable adverse impact on marine mammal species or stocks and their habitat, and set forth requirements pertaining to the monitoring and reporting of the incidental take. The specific activities are classified as military readiness activities.This ebook ...

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Black Aces High: The Story of a Modern Fighter Squadron at War

Black Aces High: The Story of a Modern


Lockheed F-94 Starfire

Lockheed F-94

The Lockheed F-94 Starfire was developed from the Lockheed TF-80C/T-33 two seat trainer version of the famed P/F-80 Shooting Star. It was redesigned around a afterburning engine and a Hughes nose mounted radar system to become a interim all-weather night fighter until replaced by Northrop F-89s and North American F-86D/Ls. F-94Bs would see combat in Korea where it protected B-29 formations and keep "Bed Check Charlie" at bay. The F-94A/B/C served actively with the USAF and the Air Guard from 1950 through 1959.

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Winged Sabres: One of the RFC's Most Decorated Squadrons (The National Archives)

Winged Sabres: One of the RFC's Most Decorated

Winged Sabres is the story of a RFC & RAF squadron flying the cumbersome FE2 from February 1916 to September 1917, and then the superlative Bristol Fighter: a two-seater ‘fighter-reconnaissance’ squadron with an astonishingly high success rate.20 Squadron was possibly the highest scoring squadron of the war and one of the most highly decorated, claiming over 600 combat victories with well over 400 confirmed in RFC & RAF Communiqués. Its members won seventy gallantry decorations including a posthumous Victoria Cross, and included fliers from the U.K. and around the world. Over 40 became aces, including the American Iaccaci brothers and some Canadians and others. But with a casualty rate of around 50% including killed, wounded and POW they paid a high price.Over 15 years research has gone into this book, covering a seldom-explored aspect of WW1 in the air: the two-seater fighter-reconnaissance squadrons. 20 Squadron’s motto was Facta Non Verba – Deeds Not Words!

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Kiffin Rockwell, the Lafayette Escadrille and the Birth of the United States Air Force

Kiffin Rockwell, the Lafayette Escadrille and the Birth

With the outbreak of World War I in August 1914, Kiffin Yates Rockwell, from Asheville, North Carolina, volunteered to fight for France. Initially serving with the French Foreign Legion as a soldier in the trenches, he soon became a founding member of the Lafayette Escadrille, a squadron made up mostly of American volunteer pilots who served under the French flag before the United States entered the war. On May 19, 1916, Rockwell became the first American pilot of the war to shoot down a German plane. He was killed during aerial combat on September 23, 1916, at age 24. This book covers Rockwell's early life and military service with the Lafayette Escadrille, the first ever American air combat unit and the precursor to the United States Air Force.

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If you want to know how a young fighter pilot felt in his head and his heart as he was about to fly the enemy skies of WWII, this book is for you. Always afraid he was about to die, he climbed into the cockpit anyway ... and lived to tell you about it. How would you feel if you were a new guy in the sky ... attacked by four Messerschmitts? Let me tell you, no matter how much you prepare, no matter how much you read, how much you train, no matter how much you think of yourself as a 'Hot Shot Pilot,' you are never ready for life and death combat! How did it feel to say a 'last goodbye' to your bride believing you would never see her again, as you left to fight WWII?  Author's Facebook page at:  As reviewed by A. L. Hanks, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF (Ret) who said it perfectly:In "Brave and Funny Memories of WWII" Lyndon Shubert, to our great benefit, tells us his story, an engaging tale of his WWII experience as a fighter pilot in WWII. A member of the "greatest generation" he recounts his days (and nights) flying P-38 fighters in the wartime skies of Europe. The tale is told in a relaxed, conversational style, honest and personal. The reader will appreciate the authenticity and the easy humor.  He tells us a story that is at once delightfully hum...

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MIG-21 BIS Fishbed 1st Fighter Squadron, Croatian Air Force, 1993 1/72 Scale HA0193

MIG-21 BIS Fishbed 1st Fighter Squadron, Croatian Air

In February 1992, Croatia received three MiG-21BISs after winning the War of Independence against Yugoslavia. In May 1993, when Croatian born pilots defected from the Yugoslav Air Force the aircraft was decorated with the Croatian emblem, along with new serial numbers. Flown by Colonel Ivan Selak, the MiG-21BIS was named "Osvetnik Dubrovnika" or "Avenger of Dubrovnik" with the 1st Fighter Squadron insignia on its nose. Today, it is displayed as the only survivor at the 91st Air Base Museum at Zagreb-Pleso. 8" long. This Hobby Master 1/72 scale, die cast replica of an MiG-21BIS, as it appeared in the Croatian Air Force 1st Fighter Squadron at Zagreb-Pleso AB, features authentic markings and paint scheme, an opening canopy, a well-appointed cockpit, optional-position landing gear, and a display stand. Hobby Master: HA0193. When ordered from Historic Sales this excellent model promptly ships directly to you in factory new packaging from Minneapolis, Minnesota USA.

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The Tuskegee Airmen Chronology: A Detailed Timeline of the Red Tails and Other Black Pilots of World War II

The Tuskegee Airmen Chronology: A Detailed Timeline of

The Tuskegee Airmen Chronology: A Detailed Timeline of the Red Tails and Other Black Pilots of World War II provides a unique year-by-year overview of the fascinating story of the Tuskegee Airmen, embracing important events in the formation of the first military training for black pilots in United States history, the phases of their training at various air fields in Tuskegee and elsewhere, their continued training at other bases around the United States, and their deployment overseas, first to North Africa and then to Sicily and Italy. The book is the fifth on the subject by Airmen expert Dr. Daniel Haulman.The Tuskegee Airmen are best known for flying P-47s and red-tailed P-51s to escort B-17 and B-24 bombers deep into enemy territory. Their exemplary performance proved conclusively that given the opportunity and resources black men could fly and fight in combat every bit as well as their white counterparts. They lost fewer bombers than the other fighter groups, and they shot down 112 enemy aircraft.The Tuskegee Airmen Chronology also includes abundant information on the many Tuskegee Airmen who were not fighter pilots, including B-25 bomber crews who trained in the U. S., and the thousands of Tuskegee Airmen who served as ground support. They fought two enemies, Nazis in Europe...

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Night Fighter Navigator: Beaufighters and Mosquitos in WWII

Night Fighter Navigator: Beaufighters and Mosquitos in

Yorkshireman Dennis Gosling joined the RAF on May 24 1940. Having completed his training he was posted to 219 Squadron flying the night-fighter version of the Beaufighter from Tangmere in 1941. As a navigator, he became part of a two-man team that would endure throughout his first operational tour. In those infant day of radar interception he honed his skills in the night skies above southern England and the English Channel but without a firm kill. On 12 February 1942, he and his pilot were instructed to pick up a brand new aircraft and deliver it to North Africa, flying via Gibraltar, a hazardous flight at extreme range. In March the crew were posted to 1435 Flight of 89 Squadron with the task of defending the besieged island of Malta. The four Beaufighters of the flight flew into a horrific scenario of almost constant bombing raids by the Luftwaffe and Italian Air Force. Because of these raids the damage to aircraft on the ground was devastating and the Flight was often reduced to a single serviceable aircraft. His first success came in April 1942 with a confirmed kill, and then shortly after his 21st birthday on 13 May a triumphant night on the 17th brought 3 certain kills and one damaged enemy aircraft. From being the virgins of the squadron they shot into the record books, h...

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One Man Air Force

One Man Air

After shooting down thirty German airplanes, the equivalent of nearly two whole Luftwaffe squadrons, Gentile is rightly respected as one of America’s greatest ever air aces.Gentile’s personal account of life fighting through the skies of World War Two provides fascinating insight into the mind of this young pilot. The feelings of engaging an enemy in a dogfight, of having a Messerschmidt close on your tail, and of soaring into the air in Spitfires, Thunderbolts and Mustangs are all encompassed within this memoir.The admiration that Gentile commanded was demonstrated when General Dwight D. Eisenhower presented the pilot with the Distinguished Flying Cross and stated, “You are a One-Man Air Force.”Gentile, in the course of this short book, takes the reader from his earliest memories of wanting to learn to fly through to his entry into the Second World War, through the course of three hundred and fifty combat hours in one hundred and eighty-two sorties, up to the moment when he was removed from front line combat in 1944.“This is not only the story of ‘a one-man air force’ against the Huns; nor is it only a story of the fluctuations, failures and successes of our air war against the Luftwaffe. It is also the story of a new type of American — one who has been growing u...

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With Wings As Eagles: The Eighth Air Force in World War II

With Wings As Eagles: The Eighth Air Force

Beginning in 1942, the Eighth Air Force began a precision bombing raid offensive deep into Nazi Germany, embarking from bases in rural England. Nearly 350,000 Americans were transplanted to English soil, joining their British colleagues for this joint Allied offensive. For many it was a period of great risk, and arguably the greatest adventure of their lives.With Wings As Eagles celebrates the heroics of these pilots and their missions. A lavishly illustrated, full-color, hardcover original, the narrative is the result of the author’s exclusive interviews with many of the pilots and crew, as well as research from contemporary diaries, journals, and scrapbooks. Readers relive the nostalgia and vivid reminiscences — of days of seemingly endless boredom and fatigue, the loneliness of soaring in an aluminum cocoon four miles over an intended target, and a surprising account of parachuting onto German soil and being captured by women and children.With Wings As Eagles relives the drama and history of an heroic era.

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The RAF Eagle Squadrons: American Pilots Who Flew for the Royal Air Force

The RAF Eagle Squadrons: American Pilots Who Flew

This amazing book brings to life the 245 brave Americans who became the legendary Eagle Squadrons of the Royal Air Force. Itching to get into the action before the United States was brought into the war in 1941, these pilots, each of whom has his biography recorded here, wanted to contribute to the war effort, stop the Nazi invasion of the free world, and fly the best fighters of the day.Through his remarkable research, Brigadier General Phil Caine makes these young men real people. We see their youthful faces, watch them grow up and learn to fly in the United States, make the momentous decision to join the RAF or RCAF, even though their country was not yet at war, endure the dangerous voyage to England, and, for over 40 percent of them, become a prisoner or die. They fall in love with English girls and agonize over the death of a comrade. And those who survived became the nucleus of the famed Fourth Fighter Group.The RAF Eagle Squadrons: American Pilots Who Flew for the Royal Air Force is a “must read” for the student of World War II and the history of air power, or the general reader who just wants a “captivating read.” Caine is the author of three other books on Eagles: American Pilots in the RAF, Spitfires, Thunderbolts and Warm Beer, and Aircraft Down!

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