Whiting Introductory Hackle Pack - 4 Assorted 1/2 Capes or Saddles - Style 1/2 Capes

Whiting Introductory Hackle Pack - 4 Assorted 1/2

Whiting Farms Introductory Hackle Pack is some of the best dry fly hackle available Wide hook size range from 6 to 22 Each package contains 4 Half Capes of premium dry fly hackle All include Grizzly and Brown and some will have Dun Black OR Cream Great value for tying multiple dry fly patterns

  • Brand: Whiting Farms
  • ASIN: B00AKYY1F6
  • UPC: 616044013373

Whiting Farms Bugger Pack - Black

Whiting Farms Bugger Pack -

For years the staff members at Whiting Farms have been using the enclosed feathers for tying their own Woolly Buggers. Owner Thomas Whiting gave some of these feathers to renowned fly tier and author Dick Talleur who described them as "the best bugger feathers around." He followed with the suggestion they should be available to everyone, and the Bugger Pack was born (or hatched, depending on how you want to look at it). Now Whiting Farms is proud to provide our New and Improved Bugger Pack, containing approximately double the quantity of feathers as before. The feathers themselves have the unique characteristic of fitting a varying range of hook sizes from #4 to #12. All the fly tier needs to do is identify the location on the feather where their hook size is located and start using it at that point. TYING INSTRUCTIONS: Tie the bugger feather on the hook by the butt end at the hook eye after tying on a tail of marabou or chickabou. Then attache a wire rib and body chenille at the hook bend. Wrap the body, then wind the hackle from the front of the hook to the rear. Tie the feather off with three turns of the wire rib near the hook bend, wrap the rib forward and finish off the fly.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Whiting
  • UPC: 616044034279

Whiting Farms High & Dry Cape (White)

Whiting Farms High & Dry Cape

High & Dry was once reserved for commercial tiers. The cream of the crop are selected for retail sale. This line is a fantastic value and a great addition to Whiting's lineup.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Whiting
  • ASIN: B01941N3RM
  • UPC: 616044018439

Whiting Farms Fly Tier's Variety Pack

Whiting Farms Fly Tier's Variety

The long awaited Fly Tier s Variety Pack is here The Fly Tier s Variety Pack was developed to offer a low cost superior quality product for the budget minded fly tier No where else can a fly tier get the quality Whiting Farms trims included in their offering at such a low price Each Fly Tier s Variety Pack contains 22 total trim pieces from the following: American Rooster Crests best for saltwater and large streamers American Rooster Cape Trims best for streamer pike saltwater flies American Hen Cape Trims best for poppers and small streamer salt flies Whiting Rooster Cape Trims best for poppers and small streamers Whiting Hen Cape Trims best for muddlers streamers and wet flies Hebert Miner Rooster Cape Trims best for long streamers of any kind Hebert Miner Hen Cape Trims best for muddlers streamers and wet flies Spey Rooster Cape Trims marabou replacement excellent streamer material Spey Hen Cape Trims marabou replacement excellent streamer mate

  • Brand: Whiting Farms
  • UPC: 616044119020

Whiting Farms Coq De Leon Hen Soft Hackle with Chickabou | Speckled Brown

Whiting Farms Coq De Leon Hen Soft Hackle

Subsurface flies which incorporate feathers can create some of the most attractive and effective fishing flies The Whiting Farms Soft Hackle with Chickabou pelt provides two distinct types of feathers for these exceptional subsurface flies each with a multitude of applications This material is great for tails legs collars and even bigger soft hackles This is for 1 pelt that is in the color of the listing

  • Color: Speckled Brown
  • Brand: Whiting Farms
  • ASIN: B079VYSQC8
  • UPC: 616044000359

Whiting Farms Silver 1/2 Cape - Black

Whiting Farms Silver 1/2 Cape -

Whiting Farms is the leading producer of premium genetic hackle for the fly tyer The feather charatceristics include long supple feathers and dense barbs which makes for easier tying and better final results The grading system has to do with the numbers of feathers per pelt so the higher the grade the more feathers Capes provide a wide range of feather sizes and work well for folks looking to tie a variety of fly sizes and te overall feather length is generally good for one finished fly The 1 2 Cape is just what it sounds like a full cape cut in 1 2 These are good choices for the occasional tyer and new fly tyers that are trying to build up their supplies to cover a wide range of pattern needs

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Whiting Farms
  • UPC: 616044042342

Whiting Hen Capes - Grizzly

Whiting Hen Capes -

The Whiting Farms Hen Cape is the most widely used Hen cape in the world today. It provides a high quality feather excellent for a myriad of tying applications. Hen cape hackle is a basic and essential tying material. One of its principle uses is for upright dry fly wings. Or when wrapped it creates a great nymph or wet fly collar. The larger hen cape feathers are also excellent for matuka flies, streamers and whole feather wings. Every fly tier should have a full array of hen capes at their tying bench.

  • Color: Grizzly
  • Brand: Whiting
  • UPC: 616044100974

Whiting Farms High & Dry Hackle 1/2 Cape Grizzly

Whiting Farms High & Dry Hackle 1/2 Cape

A less expensive dry fly line with all the Whiting qualities the discerning tier expects. Feathers range from size 10 to 18 with predominately 14's & 16's. High and Dry offers the most colors available in Whiting Farm's dry fly lines. Available in a single standard grade comparable to Whiting Farms' Whiting Bronze line.Features Include:100% pure rooster capeHigh barb countExcellent hackle for a large variety of fliesAvailable in a wide variety of natural colorsPerfect for freshwater and saltwater streamers

  • Color: Grizzly
  • Brand: Whiting Farms
  • UPC: 616044018590

Whiting Farms Coq de Leon Hen Cape - Brown Speckled

Whiting Farms Coq de Leon Hen Cape -

The Coq de Leon is the oldest known chicken strain specifically bred for fly tying feathers. References to these rooster feathers, and the special flies tied with them, are found in manuscripts going back to as early as 1624. Therefore, the strain could even have been in existence for hundreds of years prior to 1624. Historically the Coq Leon strain of chicken was cultivated almost exclusively in the Northwest region of Spain, called Leon, thus its name; Rooster of Leon. In the early 1990's Dr. Thomas Whiting, founder and owner of Whiting Farms, Inc., became intirgued with these near mythical Coq de Leon fowl. And so during the mid 1990's he succeeded in importing Coq de Leon stock from 3 different sources. For the first several generations Dr. Whiting personally kept and cared for these proud birds at his own residence, studying them and their unique feathers. Applying what had been learned from the genetic breeding of the other fly tying feather strains at Whiting Farms, Dr. Whiting embarked on cultivating and developing his own poulation of Coq de Leon. A new genetic tactic of selection for the highest quality first nuptial plumage was initiated. This differed fundamentally from the traditional Spanish methodology that relied on periodic, repeated plucking of the desired feath...

  • Color: Brown Speckled
  • Brand: Whiting
  • UPC: 616044113912

Whiting Farms 100's Saddle Hackle Pack - White Size 10

Whiting Farms 100's Saddle Hackle Pack - White

Description: Just need to tie flies in size 16 or 18 but don t want to buy a whole saddle Then Whiting 100 s are just the ticket Enough saddle hackle to tie 100 flies

  • Color: Grizzly
  • Brand: Whiting Farms
  • ASIN: B00O96XH1U
  • UPC: 616044047873
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